Recently, Ann Sounders (wife of an American Airlines employee) paid a visit to our Southlake, Texas office… just to deliver smoothies to our team. Ann, it turns out, was so blown away by our awesome Customer Support that she wanted to thank us. When she found out we were based pretty close to where she lives, she decided to deliver that thanks in person.

This isn’t the first time we’ve received recognition for our customer care. Our customers love to pop into our office for impromptu, in-person visits and we love it! We’ve had airline employees come in to purchase cruises and hotels, see if our company was real, and for help with problems they were having with our competitor (MyID Travel). We also get customers who are so thankful for our level of service that they send Customer Support Agents in our Argentina office t-shirts and other gifts.

It’s such a rewarding feeling for our entire team – knowing that all the hard work they put into building (and continuously improving) our products, and level of service, is recognized by our own customers. It comes back to one of our core values at ID90 Travel: Deliver Constant Excellence. That’s why we’ve invested so much into our Customer Support team. And we’re not gonna stop.

While we currently have a net promoter score of 69 (a high for the travel industry) and a satisfaction rating of 94%, we know we still can always improve. This past month we asked Florencia and Maggie (leaders of our Customer Support Team in Argentina) along with Carter and Emily (part of the Dallas Marketing Team), to spend some time visiting’s Las Vegas headquarters.

Zappos is a company that’s differentiated itself in the highly competitive world of online shoe sales, and all by “delivering the wow” experience for their customers. They have been so successful that their CEO wrote a bestseller called Delivering Happiness, and Amazon was so impressed they bought the company.

Visiting Zappos’ headquarters was a fantastic opportunity for our team to be reminded of what we are doing well (like Zappos, we never measure the time we’re on the phone with a customer) as well as learn how all of us at ID90 Travel can improve and deliver a more human level of service. We’re excited to implement what we learned there.

Another way we’re keeping our customers happy is by keeping up with the latest technology. Did you know that just a decade ago the number one reason to use a smartphone was to make a phone call? Fast forward just 10 years and making a phone call is only the 11th reason why we use our phones. Today, texting, Facebook, using the camera, reading the news, online shopping, checking the weather, WhatsApp, banking, and watching YouTube videos are all more popular reasons for using a smartphone than making a phone call.

As a result, I think you’ll agree that the smartphone is critical to our overall productivity. This is especially true for airline employees; they’re always on the go! With that in mind, we developed the ID90 Travel app just less than a year ago to make it easy for airline employees to book travel from their smartphone. This time last year, 70% of our air, hotel, and rental car transactions were going through our desktop solution. Now, 75% of those transactions are going through our mobile app at a volume that is significantly higher.

There is no question that when technology meets an unmet need, consumer adoption takes off. It’s an amazing and gratifying experience for our employees to hear from so many airline employees across the world who love using our app. With a rating of 4.4 in the iOS App Store there is no question that the ID90 Travel app is meeting an unmet need for (rightly) hard-to-please airline employees, and all of us at ID90 are tremendously happy with those kinds of results.

Our mobile efforts are just getting started. In addition to our new features (like the ability to view/book all company business reservations on the app, see trending destinations based on aggregate shopping behavior, and sort hotels by distance from the airport) we’ll be continuing to bring new products and services to our app throughout the rest of 2018 and beyond. So even though we might take a few minutes to stop and enjoy a well-deserved smoothie, we’ll never stop making ID90 Travel the best airline-employee travel solution there is.


Author: Mike Stacy

Mike Stacy proudly serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the multinational airline technology company that is ID90 Travel. After completing graduate school Mike left L.A. and moved to Paris with his now-wife, using their apartment there as a base from which to explore the rest of Europe. Once back, with travel in his blood, he began his long career in the online travel industry. When he’s not filling the pages of his passport for work, Mike can be found on the sidelines at his sons’ basketball games or cheering his daughter on at dance competitions.