Hey, remember those honeymooners we were following a while back? If not, no worries… we can remind you. They were a handsome couple that decided to sell everything after their wedding and travel the world. He was from Germany. She was from the good ‘ol USA. So why are we bringing them up? They just finished their 6-month trek around the globe and settled down in Leipzig, Germany.

They’re happy to finally be stationary, and (with the downtime) were able to catch up with us to tell us their biggest takeaways from their adventures abroad. Trust us, these are some pretty brilliant tips that we think every avid traveler should know. So strap in, maybe do a little catch up on this couple’s other few blogs (their introduction, tips on travel planning, and globetrotter’s guide), and get ready to take some serious notes.

Glovis’ Takeaways from Traveling the Globe

#1. Travel and Vacation – They’re two very different things…

It’s so funny, every time we touched base with a family member or friend on the road they’d ask us, “How’s vacation?”.  Which is strange, because all we kept thinking was that this was the most exhausting vacation ever. Finally, we realized there was a pretty big difference between vacation and travel. Vacation is a trip where you go to relax and take it easy. There’s no pressure, no stress. Travel, on the other hand, is all pressure – pressure to explore as much as you can, see as many places as you can, and just go!
We decided that after traveling, it is very possible that you might need a vacation. Either way, we suggest that you make this distinction. It’ll help you decide what to do on your next trip, and how much energy you have to spend.

#2. Overpacking is overrated…

One thing we (and by we, we mean Gloria) learned was that overpacking is totally overrated. You know when you think, “Gee, I’d rather have too many options than not enough?” Yeah, well we (again, Gloria) quickly discovered that thought was ridiculous. You don’t need more options. Let’s face it; you won’t wear them!

Instead, work in layers. LAYERS ARE EVERYTHING. This way you get options without the bulk! Also, make sure these layer pieces are classics you can interchange. For example, bring a skirt that you can wear in warm weather and can put tights under when it is cold.

#3. Good wheels make the bag…

If you think those tiny spinning wheels are “where it’s at” you are wrong. They are miserable and will not, we repeat, will not withstand the test of time, or your trip. Who cares how many compartments your bag comes with? If it doesn’t have wheels that can traverse the cobbled streets of London or dirt paths of India it isn’t worth it.

If you plan to drag your bag, get one with some sturdy wheels. You won’t regret it!

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#4. Always bring enough underwear…

This tip should be pretty self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised… It doesn’t matter which climate you’re in – you’ll go through your underwear pretty quickly. And ain’t nobody got time to wash undies every couple of days or even “go without”. Believe us, you’ll be glad you packed enough to at least last you a week (plus a couple extra for “just in case”).

#5. A $1 laundry bag can save you from a world of confusion…

That’s right. We bought one before we left at Walmart, and it was probably one of the best purchases we ever made! It rolls up really small and can be used for multiple things. Get groceries in it, hall back wet clothes from the beach, or use it (like we did) to sort the dirty clothes from the clean in your bag.

It sounds silly, but it will give you such piece of mind! You don’t have to search through your bag to figure out what is clean or dirty. Nor will you have to spread everything you have out on the floor.

#6. Cash is KING…

Pulling money out at an ATM when you first enter a country is the best thing you can do for your budget. This way you give yourself a certain amount to spend. You can do all the conversions up front and then just spend like a local once you’re there. Also, a lot of countries still operate only in cash.

Don’t get stuck in a foreign taxi or at a foreign restaurant without cash, either. Trust us. You may worry about transaction fees, but it all comes out to about the same if you withdraw cash or just use a debit card. If you have a credit card, that is an entirely different story. However, some countries require a pin number with a credit card or don’t even accept them at all. Either way, cash will always get you what you need. Can you imagine trying to get ahold of Bank of America while in the middle of Mumbai? Oofta.

#7. Just be the tourist and take the dang picture…

Ok, funny story. We were sitting in an airport in Thailand, and Lovis went to find some snacks. In the meantime, I sat and watched as what ended up being 30 men tried (for the first time in their lives) to board a moving walkway. They all looked absolutely panic-stricken.

One brave gentleman finally broke away from the pack and slid onto the moving floor. He was jolted forward at first, then maintained this hilarious scared-crouch position until he stepped off. The others, then, one-by-one followed suit (each being jolted then crouching), while some opted to skip the experience all-together and walked around the walkway.

This is all to say Gloria wished she would have whipped her camera out and filmed it! Once Lovis returned, the fun was over, and Gloria had a hard to expressing how funny it had been. Sometimes you will feel awkward filming things and taking photos in the moment, but you’ll regret not having them later! For example, Gloria would have this funny video to share with you now if she hadn’t been such a chicken.

#8. Have an international roaming plan…

It’s the BOMB! And seriously, shoutout to T-Mobile. They have an incredible unlimited data roaming plan and we have never looked back. You’ll be thanking us when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere wishing you could just use your maps. We like to say that free data roaming is the new form of spontaneity. It gives you the freedom of not having to always plan ahead.

#9. Learn how to say “cheers”…

This is the best way to connect with the locals. Sometimes you can be out and about in the world, yet feel so closed off from it. We, as  Americans, don’t often say “cheers” during meals, but a lot of countries have a much more active “bottoms up” word that they use during meals. So learn how to say “cheers” in the local language on your next trip and thank us later, it is an easy way to connect with a stranger sitting next to you.

#10. All you need is a passport to rent a car…

Again, we know that to rent a car in America you’ll need to give your driver’s license number, credit card number, flight number, blood type, and your first-born child, but elsewhere it’s not enough! That’s… erm, one mistake (of many) we made along the way.

We forgot to bring our passports to the first rental car company on our trip, but luckily had online copies that we were able to email immediately (thanks to our unlimited data). They were also pretty nice and still gave us a car. Having the passport with you is definitely a necessity when renting a car, without it you will end up with the sketchiest car on the lot (like us).

#11. ALWAYS check visa requirements…

Better yet, learn what a tourist visa is. Some countries require it, some don’t. It really depends on the relationship your origin country has with the country you are going to. Don’t make the mistake of showing up to an airport without it when it is required. We definitely did that… and regret everything. $90 in thirty minutes online can sometimes get you what you need (and in a jiffy!) but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to feel like a fool afterward.

#12. Beware – Not all airlines take credit cards inflight…

In fact, many only take cash. Which means if you rush to the plane (having skipped breakfast and lunch – landing only in time for dinner) without cash in hand, you’ll be one sullen bunny. That means no crackers and no soda (Southwest doesn’t fly in Asia!). Also note, sometimes they only take cash for the country you’re going to. So have options either way.

We always tried to spend all of our cash before we left, which was a bad idea once we discovered this cash-only-cabin trend.

#13. Whenever you come across bottled water, BUY IT…

It’s hard to keep up with the water rules when you’re traveling, and even in perfectly “up-to-date” countries, you’ll run across water limitations. For instance, did you know that refurbished buildings might still have old rusty pipes? We learned this fun fact in Berlin, Germany.

Either way, just keep yourself hydrated and prepared by purchasing bottled water whenever you get the chance. Also, let’s face it, the first thing you are when you get to your accommodations is super thirsty.

#14. If you want to test your relationship, go on a 6-month Honeymoon…

24/7 togetherness will show you, for sure, if you can survive as a couple or not… as will simultaneous food poisoning and the sharing of one small toilet. You’ll quickly discover who is the “hunter” and who is the “gatherer” and who is the best nurse. PLUS you really get to know your person and get over their “gross things” when he’s got thunder down under and you’re spoutin’ like a fountain.

#15. Traveling teaches you the importance of having individual time…

Which is a fantastic lesson to learn, we think! Having some private time gives your S.O. enough time to accomplish things on their own and miss you. It also allows you to be alone with your own thoughts. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from being next to each other 24/7, it might even give you more things to talk about over dinner.

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#16. Friendship, the second most important relationship while on the road…

That’s right, use that telephone for its original purpose and make a freaking phone call to your friends back home! It’s too easy to lose contact with the outside world even though you’re in it. It’s good to hear what others are doing in their “normal” day-to-day, and get caught up in their world versus being trapped in your own. It helps keep you grounded for sure.

#17. If it’s warm and tasty just eat it…

In a lot of countries that you visit you’ll find yourself wondering, “What is this? How did they make it? Is it clean? Is it healthy?” We’re going to go ahead and have you banish those thoughts immediately. At one point (actually, at many) you’ll be so stinking hungry that you won’t be able to stand it. And in those instances, if it’s warm, tasty and smells good – just eat it!

Don’t be picky! In some countries, they prepare food on the floor. Our immediate reaction was to avoid eating altogether, but honestly, it ended up being so good and it didn’t (winner, winner!) give us the squirts. So we’d count that as a victory. On the other hand, there are some foods that you should just avoid completely, especially street food. Sometimes you can eat it and sometimes you just can’t (even though it looks so amazing).

Finally, don’t go looking for your favorite dish abroad. You won’t find it, and it’ll taste nothing like home.

#18. Food poisoning, WHEN you get it the secret is Activated Charcoal Pills…

BECAUSE THEY’RE AMAZING. Seriously, these little pills that you’ll deposit into a glass of water (tastes like dirt) are the human consumption version of draino. We imagine if they were displayed in a commercial, they too would “grab” all the bad stuff and flush it right down your tubes.

You will get sick at one point. You will; there’s no avoiding it. So have these on hand for those “my stomach is killing me” moments and drink as directed. They’ll save your butt, literally, and you’ll get to feeling better in no time.


We hope you enjoyed Gloria and Lovis’ (Glovis’) tips as much as we did! If you had any that you loved or any that you’d add feel free to comment in the section below. If you want to check out more of their ongoing journey follow them on Instagram! Until next time, Interliners. Safe travels and keep your eyes on the skies

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