Online Travel Ticketing

A Robust Tool for Airline Employees to Travel on Their Own Airline

Our online ticketing tool is a fully integrated tool that allows airline employees to shop (research flights, fares and load factors) and book travel (ticket and list for flights) for themselves and all of their eligible travelers. We have direct access to the reservation system of the transporting airline via a slew of web-services, so you can ensure the booking is made available in the system.

Our engine calculates fares and applicable taxes, manages business rules and program restrictions such as boarding priorities, retiree programs and more. We allow airlines to manage their HR data for employees and eligible travelers via flat files,  web services  and/or manually through our admin tool. This process ensures pertinent pass-travel data is always up-to-date and valid.

For bookings that require payment, such as positive space tickets, payments are processed through the airline’s payment processor. Reservations are created in the reservation system of the transporting carrier following the specific format requested: booking classes, remarks, OSI messages. This process allows employees to enjoy web or kiosk check-in procedures when available.

The Open Enrollment feature allows employees to add, edit and remove eligible travelers during specific times of the year. Airline admins can review, approve and/or deny requests based on their own rules.


Buddy Pass Program

Allow Employees to issue tickets for other travelers not registered as eligible travelers. Configure your buddy pass program rules such as number of passes allowed, fares, count, excepted routes, and more. The buddy pass program is one of the greatest perks of being an airline employee and facilitating this process through a cloud-based application allows airlines to focus on what’s most important: safely getting travelers from point A to B.


Companion Program

Allow employees to issue tickets for companion travelers as long as they are booked together with the employee in the same reservation. Define specific rules for your companion program such as the number of passes, fares, count, excepted routes and more.


Allotments program

Allow employees and eligible travelers to access additional benefits depending on defined criteria such as date of hire, category, and more. The allotment program allows qualified users to find Positive Space travel, confirmed discounts, higher boarding priorities and other related benefits.


Activation Fee program

If you wish to require your employees to pay an activation fee to issue online or interline tickets through our platform, we can enable an activation fee that will be processed through our platform for your collection.

Keep Your Employees Up-To-Date

Provide updates to your employees with our message board. Available to admin users, you can post valuable information to your employees during the booking process for employees to review.

Real-Time Flight Load Data

Allow airline employees to check real-time flight load and positive space availability. Learn the exact flight load for your own carrier and get an estimation on flight load availability of other transporting carriers all within one simple interface.

Get Up To Date Flight Loads

Never miss a flight with the Watch List. Simply add flights to your Watch List and get flight load notifications prior to your departure. Watch List notifications are available via email, text or in-app push notifications.

Understand Your Fare Breakdown

Give your employees another level of transparency with a fare detail breakdown. Allow employees to learn the fare price, taxes and fees with a simple click.

Review Flight Details

View all relevant flight information with a single click. Quickly review aircraft, flight number, ZED Zone and departure details while shopping flights.

View the Stand-By List

Before selecting a flight, check the Stand-By List to get an understanding of how many people are waiting to board the flight by priority.

Robust Reporting

Analyze employee bookings for internal audits of services with our reporting capabilities.

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