ID90 Travel Listing Platform

Allow other airline employees to list on your airline

The Listing Platform allows employees from any airline with an electronic or paper ticket list for flights on your airline. Employees can search availability, view flight loads, number of standby passengers and submit a request to list. The listing is created in the reservation system of the transporting carrier following the specific format requested (booking classes, remarks, OSI messages) in order to allow web or kiosk check-in procedures where available.

When the ticket is electronic and the CRS system allows for verification, the Listing Platform validates the user listing to ensure it coincides with what is already present in the ticket. Upon listing, a confirmation email is sent to the employee with a link to the employee’s listing where the employee can modify or cancel their listing without having to contact the airline’s employee travel department or reservation call center. If the employee does not possess a copy of the confirmation, they can log into their system and query their PNR for cancellation/modification of the listing.

Empower Employees to List Themselves

The ID90 Travel listing tool supports ticketless travel for carriers with ticketless reservation systems or travel reasons that don’t require a paper or electronic ticket to use. Our platform support multiple reasons for travel such as Leisure, Company Business, Flight Attendants and Pilots Commuting, and Dispatchers. When your employees place a listing, we will confirm the booking in the reservation of the transporting airline.

For airlines that do not have a reservation system in place such as cargo carriers, requests can be tracked within our Admin panel. Admins can easily approve or deny requests and passengers will be automatically be noticed via email. Listings are created in the reservation system of the transporting carrier following the specific format requested (booking classes, remarks, OSI messages) in order to allow web or kiosk check-in procedures.

Our platform supports eTicket reassociation and validation of passenger(s)’ names and routes against the listing being processed. With our tool, you may allow employees to list themselves on stand-by lists with ease. Employees may also check real-time flight loads to make better travel decisions. Your employees will also be able to cancel or modify via confirmation emails or online tools in order to streamline the listing process.

Admin users can create, modify and remove agreements at any time. Admins can also set boarding priorities, reasons for travel, applicable cabins, codeshare airlines included, and also determine the type of ticket expected for a specific contract (Paper Ticket, Electronic Ticket, both or Ticketless Travel).

ID90 Travel Cargo Listing Solution

The Only Solution for Airline Employees to List on Cargo Carriers

Give your employees more options with our cargo carrier listing solution. The Cargo Listing Tool is a special implementation of our Listing Tool product that allows cargo carriers, which are not typically connected to a reservation system, to manage listing requests for their own employees or employees of other airlines traveling on them.

Our Cargo Listing product utilizes the same booking flow as the Listing Tool. However, booking requests are not sent to a reservation system and instead, kept internally in the application for manual handling. After booking, passengers receive a confirmation indicating the request is now being handled by the airline administrator. Airline administrator can access the admin panel of the application and manage the listing requests from there by approving or denying specific requests. Once approved or denied, passengers are instantly notified via email.

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