Easy to Use and Powerful Interline Travel Features

Allow airline employees to shop and book travel for themselves and all of their eligible travelers on other airlines with our interline ticketing tool. ID90 Travel natively supports three mechanisms for Offline or Interline Travel Ticketing – NIET, IET or Shell PNR features. All interline options support ZED fares and Service Charge agreements, so you won’t have to worry about the pricing mechanisms associated with interline travel. Our interline ticketing solution may serve as an extension to your Online Travel Ticketing tool or implemented separately without an online program in place.

NIET – Transporting Airline Interline Ticketing

The ID90 Transporting Airline Interline Ticketing tool (NIET) allows airline employees to book travel easily on other airlines that are in the ID90T network. This allows employees to book seamlessly with the transporting airline with no additional steps or instructions to get listed on the flight. It eliminates the need for settlement between the two airlines because, although seamless to the employee, the employee is actually booking directly with the transporting airline. There are no additional steps by the traveler that are necessary to complete the listing.


Streamlined Reservations

Reservations are made in the reservation system of the transporting airline, and ticketed using transporting airline’s ticket stock.


Easy Payments

With our non-internline eTicketing solution, payments are processed by the transporting airline.


No Need for Airline Listing

With our tool, your employees will not need to follow any listing procedure.

IET, Employing Airline Interline Ticketing

IET allows airline employees to book through their employing airline for travel on a different carrier that is not a member of the ID90 Network (based on contractual agreements between the two airlines). Once an employee books on a non-ID90 Travel airline, the system will provide the traveler with instructions to complete the listing on the confirmation page and via email.


Streamlined Interline Reservations

Reservations are made in the reservation system of the employing airline and ticketed using employing airline’s ticket stock


Easy Payments

With our internline eTicketing solution, payments are processed by the employing airline.


Easy Listing Procedures

Ensure the listing procedures are followed by employees. Provide employees instructions after booking has been processed.

Shell PNRs

Our Shell PNRs allow airline employees to price a reservation through their employing airline without issuing an electronic ticket. Once an employee books a shell PNR, the employing airline may process payment and issue the ticket as an offline procedure.


Easy Reservations

Reservation is made in the reservation system of the employing airline.


Easy Price Quotes

Our tool will add the price quote to the reservation for refrence.


Manage tickets and payments

Electronic ticket issuance and payments are processed by employing airline as an offline procedure.

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