Company Business Travel Ticketing

Duty Travel Company Business Travel Ticketing automates the business travel process for online and interline employee travel while providing airlines with complete control over business travel eligibility and authorization.

Authorized Offline Model

Allow airline administrators to issue Company Business authorizations for employees of the same airline or other airlines sharing a COBUS agreement. Admins are able to set up COBUS agreements between employing and transporting carriers to determine the default parameters for each authorization. With our tool, you may configure many parameters of the authorization with ease include: type of trip, booking window (from zero up to 21 days), entitlement (positive space vs. space available), cabin (business, economy), boarding priority and service charge. When defining service charges, you are also able to apply or avoid tax collection depending on need. Airlines are also able to define type-B administrators, who are not allowed to override default parameters set in a contract.

Employees of airlines not associated with the ID90 Travel ecosystem will have their profiles stored in our database. This allows admins to authorize the same employee over and over without needing to load their data every time. COBUS Authorizations are automatically sent via email to the authorized employee so they may create the reservation based on parameters defined by the airline COBUS admin. Employees cannot book anything other than what the airline COBUS admin set in the authorization.

Your employees will have access to the reservation at all times; so they may cancel and/or modify booking dates as needed. COBUS administrators have access to reporting tools to see authorizations issued, bookings created and pertinent data. Lastly, your employees will have the ability to cover their bookings during the checkout process with insurance specifically designed for interline travel.

Authorized Online Model

The Authorized Online Model has all the features of the Offline model but for online travel. Configure select employees as COBUS admins, so they may generate COBUS reservations for themselves or other employees. All reservations are directly generated by the COBUS admin to ensure reservations follow set procedures by the airline. COBUS reservations are made visible in the employee’s profile for both, unauthorized and authorized employees. Both can make changes and/or cancellations at anytime from this portal, giving more flexibility to the employees and reducing manual intervention from the COBUS admin.

Airline COBUS administrators have access to reporting tools to see authorizations issued, bookings created and other relevant information as needed. Just like the offline model, insurance coverage is made available to your employees during booking process. With ID90 Travel’s COBUS tool, you can help streamline company business travel with a sleek and intutive interface.

Self-Authorized Model: Executive Travel Cards for Offline

Allow employees of other airlines to generate self-served reservations for Company Business on the transporting airline. COBUS admins may create profiles and provide credentials to employees of other airlines that have a COBUS agreement with the transporting airline. Give employees of the other airline access to the ID90 Travel application using predefined credentials to generate their own reservations on the transporting airline.

Allow employees of the other airline to book based on the parameters defined by the transporting airline, such as cabin (business, economy), entitlement (positive space, space available) and boarding priority. Give employees of the other airline access to their own profile to view, modify and/or cancel any existing reservations. Like all other models, COBUS administrators have access to reporting tools to see authorizations issued, bookings created and any relevant information needed.

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