Cloud Based Solutions for Airline Employee Travel

Lower Costs, Increase Morale and Simplify Processes

Online Airline Employee Travel

Allow your employees to quickly search, select and book flights on your airline with ease. Streamline the pass travel process and save costs with automated online ticketing.

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Interline Airline Employee Travel

Give your employees the ability to search, select and book flights on partner airlines. With our interline product, we’ll configure your interline agreements to automate what was once a cumbersome process.

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Company Business Travel Ticketing

Automate business travel for online and interline employee travel. Manage business travel eligibility and authorization through our intuitive tools made specifically for airlines.

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Confirmed Discount

Allow employees to book Positive Space travel with set discounts on revenue fares. Discounts can be configured to limit a specific amount or type of travelers. With Confirmed Discount, you may support one or multiple types of discounts for your employees to redeem.

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Listing Platform

Allow employees from any airline you choose to list for flights on your airline. Employees can search availability and request to list, automatically creating a listing in the reservation system of the transporting carrier.

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