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Air Solutions

Allow your employees to quickly search, select and book flights on your airline or partner airline with ease. Streamline the pass travel process, save costs and improve employee morale with easy-to-use online ticketing.

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Non-Air Solutions

Give your airline employees exclusive interline hotel, car and cruise deals with a single platform. With our exclusive interline discounts, we’ll help save your employees thousands of dollars each year in addition to ticketing.

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Save Time & Money

Reduce the burden on your pass travel department by allowing airline employees to shop and book travel for themselves and all eligible travelers through our self-serve online ticketing platform.


Automate Verification

Set rules, roles, and privileges through an online administrator panel to easily automate your employee verification process in minutes.


Up-to-Date Employee Data

Automatically update employee profile data with daily HR feeds. HR information for employees and eligible travelers is always up-to-date via flat files, web services, APIs, and/or manually via our admin tool.


Manage Space Available Travel

Easily manage every aspect of space available and positive space travel for all of your employees.


Direct Access

We provide direct access to the reservation system of the transporting airline via web services/APIs


Eligibility Management

Administer eligibility with add, modify or delete functionality


Streamlined Ticket Modifications

Our platform allows employees to seamlessly edit, modify, or cancel reservations with a click. Refunds are automatically processed via rules you set, and all payments transact through your airline’s own merchant processor.


Open Enrollment Features

Our Open Enrollment feature allows employees to add, edit and remove eligible travelers during specific times of the year. Airline admins can approve or deny requests based on their own acceptance criteria.


Easy Reservations

Reservations are created in the reservation system of the transporting carrier following the specific format requested in order to allow web or kiosk check-in procedures when applicable.

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