2018 marked the inaugural semester of our ID90 Travel Non-Rev Spirit Award. A new scholarship, available only to the dependents of current and retired airline employees, the #NonRevSpiritAward seeks to offer financial support to the airline community’s most prized possession – their children!

Always encouraging of the #NonRevLife, we were excited to learn how these dependents of the airline community made the most of their amazing travel benefits. We are thrilled to say that we received an absolutely incredible response, both in the sheer number of candidates and in their quality.

We were so thrilled, in fact, that we couldn’t name just a first place prize – but two-second place prizes and two honorable mentions as well! We’re incredibly proud to introduce them below. Read their individual award-winning essays (linked under their images, and available on our blog), and stay tuned for the announcement of our fall 2018 ID90 Travel Non-Rev Spirit Award application period.

Ashley Seiderman – Winner of the $1,500 #NonRevSpiritAward

The daughter of an American Airlines (formerly US Airways) flight attendant, Ashley is a Clemson University student majoring in Architecture and minoring in Sustainability. Growing up in an aviation-passionate family (her father was a private pilot) Ashley’s parents even met at the LGA airport and claim it was “love at first flight”!

Ashley was always encouraged by her childhood non-rev adventures and brought what she learned from them to her studies and volunteer opportunities. Thank you for submitting your essay, Ashley! We can’t wait to hear what Genova, Italy (your study abroad adventure) brings next term!

What we loved about Ashley’s essay…

Ashley’s used her non-rev benefits for much more than ticking destinations off a list. She’s used them to better understand the world around her and to better equip herself to be a citizen of it. The skills she acquired being part of the airline community have taught her to overcome adversity and to be resilient in the face of it!

Joseph Smittick – Winner of a $750 #NonRevSpiritAward

Joseph is Biomedical Sciences student at Oakwood University who not only travels the world for his own non-rev enjoyment, but travels to give back in places like the Dominican Republic, South Africa, and Costa Rica. The son of a Frontier Airlines employee, Joseph spent his homeschool years (until the 4th grade) utilizing the world as his field trip and textbook.

The first African American class president and valedictorian of a 100-year-old school, Joseph presses on to take all that he’s learned on his non-rev adventures (like patience, flexibility, and understanding) to change the world. We’re so proud of your commitment to participate in Doctors Without Borders, Joseph, we know you’ll rock the opportunity!

What we loved about Joseph’s essay…

Man, Joseph made us laugh! He took his non-rev experiences (that we all know tend to be trying) and not only made light of them, but showed us how they’ve shaped him as a person. We also love that he used his mother’s “not gonna’s” to aptly describe the love/hate relationship with #TheNonRevLife.

Elayne Ingram – Winner of a $750 #NonRevSpiritAward

Elayne is the daughter of an Alaska Airlines employee and is a Kinesiology and French major (Music minor) at Gonzaga University. A hard worker from the beginning, Elayne became a tutor, teacher and sometimes designated parent #3 to herself and two younger homeschooled siblings growing up.

Thanks to the #NonRevLife Elayne was able to visit family regularly (with textbooks filling her backpack), and utilize the world as her classroom and airplanes as her school bus. We’re so impressed by your determination, Elayne, and we’re adamant you’ll succeed in your career endeavors!

What we loved about Elayne’s essay…

We love how much being a part of the airline community influenced Elayne’s upbringing and perspective on the world. Utilizing your travels to broaden your horizons and shape your passions? That’s amazing!

Gracey Higman – A #NonRevSpiritAward Honorable Mention

Gracey grew up in the American Airlines family thanks to her father’s position as a pilot. She’s now studying Elementary Education at Northern Arizona University! Besides an obvious passion for the #NonRevLife, Gracey loves giving back to her community by caring for its children.

Thanks to her father’s travel benefits, Gracey is able to stay connected to both her family and friends who live far from her. We love that you have a passion for the next generation, Gracey, and can’t wait to see what your volunteerism at that African orphanage in 2019 brings!

What we loved about Gracey’s essay…

Gracey really exemplified what we love about the #NonRevLife – the ability to bring and keep families together. Candid about her family’s experiences, Gracey didn’t shy away from sharing her experiences with her airline family as well! Providing safe, efficient travel is what airline’s do and Gracey reminded us of that.

Catherine Brand – A #NonRevSpiritAward Honorable Mention

Catherine is a Missouri State University student majoring in International Business Management and minoring in German. The daughter of an American Airlines employee, Catherine grew up traveling internationally, and after few short days in Munich decided to become bilingual.

What Catherine loved about growing up a part of the #NonRevLife was being able to experience the world that she otherwise couldn’t. She’s a saver and continues to make international trips happen for herself and takes advantage of travel just because she can. Good luck in your degree, Catherine!

What we loved about Catherine’s essay…

Catherine’s travels have clearly influenced her not to just be a citizen of the world, but to give back to it! She’s learned that travel is something to be taken advantage of, not just to say you’ve been somewhere, but to experience the culture and get to know the lives of the people.


Thank you to all of our lovely candidates who applied. Let us say we sincerely enjoyed reading each and every one of your submissions and hope that every single one of you applies again for the scholarship next semester! Stay tuned for the announcement on our fall 2018 semester application period. We will announce the dates on our social media channels as well as here on Interliner.

Also stick around as we release the winning essays over the next couple of weeks! Until next time interliners, safe travels and keep your eyes on the skies!

Author: Emily (@ID90 Travel)

Emily is the Content Marketing Manager here at ID90 Travel. An avid non-rev flyer (she grew up in the industry), and passionate private pilot, Emily can’t get enough of all things aviation. When not writing awesome ID90 Travel content she can be found on a Texas patio, being one with nature, or annoying her ID90T co-workers with her many, many, crowdsourcing questions.