Hello, new year! And hello product updates! We’ve got a lot in store for you in this first month of 2018, with lots of new mobile and desktop changes that await. From one-click checkout, to Invite-a-Friend text messaging, we’ve got it all.

Read on to discover the ways in which we’ve been working for you. We hope you’ll find that we’ve either preemptively filled your needs, or gone above and beyond to streamline our product to fit your interliner lifestyle.

Throwing a Flight to the Watchlist

No longer do you have to list yourself on a flight in order to add it to your Watchlist. Now you can go ahead and do so right from the results page of your search! Simply enter your flight details and select the flights you want to monitor.

We’ll let you know how and when they change so you can book the best option. Wanting to head to Vegas this weekend, but don’t know which flights will shape up to have a spot for you? We will, so why don’t you let us do the legwork while you keep that flight fee snuggly in your pocket until you’re ready to purchase.

We also added a handy-dandy toggle to your mobile flight search screen. See what flights look like there and back without having to start an entirely new search.

Stored Credit Cards = Easy Booking

If you’re an avid Amazon shopper, you’ve probably encountered the 1-click-ordering option. And if you’ve utilized it, we’re sure you’d agree it’s one of the most convenient things ever.

Clickbamboom – bought. And you’ve moved on.

So we thought, where else could that option be better used than on our product? Airline employees are always on the move, and there’s no time to be wasted when you’re making that terminal sprint. Especially fumbling around with a credit card in one hand and your phone in the other!

Enter our stored credit card option. You can now save, pay, and prioritize your payment options on both desktop and mobile. No more fishing that credit card out of your wallet, simply select your stay and purchase away.

Invite Your Friends & Family Via Text

Not only can you now find the Invite-a-Friend button on the home screen of the ID90 Travel mobile app, but you’ll also be able to invite friends via text!

First, tap the “Earn $20” icon on the bottom of your mobile app home screen. Second, remember that not only is inviting your friends and family to use ID90 Travel good for them (they’ll get $10 off their first hotel booking, plus access to Interliner rates), but it’s also good for you.

Each time one of those humans makes their first hotel booking (and completes the stay) you’ll earn $20 toward your own next hotel purchase. (And it’s stackable and unlimited. Ok, we’re done.)

Finally, tap the “Invite Friends” button on the Invite-a-Friend screen. It’ll open your text app, allowing you to add as many contacts to the message as your heart desires. Happy inviting!



We hope you’re as excited for these product updates as we are! Our goal is to continually work to make your interliner travel life as easy as possible. Download the ID90 Travel mobile app and sign up for free today. Until next time Interliners, safe travels and keep your eyes on the skies!

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Author: Emily (@ID90 Travel)

Emily is the Content Marketing Manager here at ID90 Travel. An avid non-rev flyer (she grew up in the industry), and passionate private pilot, Emily can’t get enough of all things aviation. When not writing awesome ID90 Travel content she can be found on a Texas patio, being one with nature, or annoying her ID90T co-workers with her many, many, crowdsourcing questions.