We’ve teased you about it, and now it’s here! Welcome to the next installation of our Brand Ambassador introduction series. This time you’ll get to meet the lovely, the beautiful, the incredibly fun-loving Megan Elizabeth! She’s just a bundle of wonderfulness and grace (honestly we’re surprised she hasn’t become Miss United States), and we very literally cannot wait a single moment more not to share her with you all.

She too is part of our lovely airline community (albeit all the way up in Kalispell, Montana), and has a few side hustles (like traveling to lots of National Parks and being a blogger and incredible photographer) to boot! You’re gonna love her, we know because we already do. Gosh, aren’t we just the luckiest company with the best Brand Ambassadors in the world?

Alright, we’re done gushing. Read on.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” – Henry Miller || Mountains, glaciers, & waterfalls dominated my summer through sweat, tears, blood, & bruises. The photographs only show you a portion of the story — usually just the beautiful parts. But when I look through my photographs, I remember the weather, the way the sun felt on my skin or the way the wildfire smoke choked my lungs. I remember what my heart was feeling, as I explored new relationships with strangers who became friends, & how my heart ached for the friends I left behind. I remember the stress I felt as I struggled financially, wondering how I could possibly keep a roof over my head & food in my belly. I remember the burning sensations that shot through my legs & the soreness in my swollen feet as I accumulated miles on the trails. The beauty in the photographs is just one part of my story… & the beauty in the growth holds the rest.

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Who is Megan Elizabeth?

The sweetest person you’ll ever meet! Ok, we already broke our promise from above, but whatever. Megan Elizabeth is a New York-born, Indiana-raised, current Montanan with a passion for nature and the people around her. A brave explorer, she’s currently visited 15 out of the 59 total National Parks in America and hopes to continue on to have visited them all.

Her current home in Montana (where she works seasonally as a customer service agent at the Kalispell airport) apparently has glaciers right outside her front door, and needless to say, we’re extremely jealous. When she’s not working for Skywest (which she can do with her perfect-for-travel job schedule, where she works 8 months out of the year) she’s out in nature taking photographs to post all over her perfect blog.

She recently married her best friend Ian and inherited a new son in his pooch, Rommel. Megan says he’s just about the cutest thing you’ll ever come across, but you can’t allow yourself to be fooled… he’s a sneaky little monster! How did she get to this incredibly satisfying spot in her life, you may ask? According to her, it all started with a move to Colorado in 2015 – what she calls her “life reset”.

Working for an Airline

Our sweet Megan looks like she wouldn’t even swat a fly, but did you know back in the day she was a probation officer? That’s right and for three years! Starting to get a little stir crazy, she dreamed of what more there must be beyond her 9 to 5. Thanks to a road trip to Moab, Utah she discovered what that was (and what we all already know), travel!

She walked away from that experience a new person with a new perspective on life. Although her original goal to visit every national park and all 50 states (while getting a tattoo and whiskey at each) hasn’t been completely accomplished quite yet, she’s still chipping away at it thanks to her incredible schedule. “Honestly, I’ll probably never quit!” Heck, we wouldn’t either!

How does she like the work? She loves it. Although a lot of stress tends to come with it (and travel in general for that matter) she still loves being in an airport. About her co-workers she says, “…airport people are good-hearted kind people” and we agree. At work she gets to people-watch, “…people wear their heart on their sleeve if you take a look!” and when she’s not at the airport, she’s waitressing (another good place to people watch, we think!).

“I have super rad bosses. They’re very understanding and flexible!” In fact, Kalispell is where she met Ian (he also works at the airport), and it’s where their love story began. Beyond home and work, Megan continues her other passion of growing an astounding portfolio (beyond her portrait-taking past), and can be found with her camera often in hand. A photography book is hopefully, she says, in her future.

Megan Elizabeth Tells All – Rapid Fire Questions

Now’s when we get down to the real fun (as if this article wasn’t already fun enough!). We’ve got the rapid not-so-fire questions ready to go (as we like to call them). They’re always a little lengthy, since all of our Brand Ambassadors love storytelling, but we don’t mind. We love nothing more than to listen! Read on to see what Megan has to say on travel tips, favorite adventures, and interesting customer encounters.

Megan, you’ve been so many places! How do you pull it all off and keep it cheap?

Well, again, I work part-time – only 8 months out of the year. While I’m working I’m planning my next move! When I do travel (which if fortunately quite often and which I need – says my new husband) I actually try to refrain from getting a hotel unless I really need to. Of course, I always love to leave a park as nice as a found it, so I utilize camp gear or stay in my car!

You can sleep pretty comfortably in your car, under the stars, if you have the right sleeping bag and tools. One tool I’d recommend (that you can bring on the airplane) is the JetBoil. Of course, you can’t carry on the fuel, but it’s not hard to find at a store once you’re there.

What’s been your favorite customer experience at work?

Well, I’ve had a lot! Like I said, people at the airport are amazing. One of my favorite experiences on the job was during the wildfires in Montana. We had a lot of firefighters coming through the airport, as you can imagine. One group flying out was on a flight with an empty first class.

So we upgraded those firefighters to those seats to thank them for their service, and made a special announcement at the gate. It was such a touching moment, and I’m so happy I could be a part of it!

That’s amazing! Any funny encounters?

One funny one story that I have involves this disheveled guy that apparently had never flown before. He came up to the desk and I went about checking him in. In between the regular new flyer questions, he asked what the rules were on flying with his um, friend Mary Jane.

I informed him that this was indeed federal property (even though we were in Colorado), and that his friend was not allowed on the premises. Whoops. Poor guy, I really just think he was a complete novice to the whole flying situation!

Chicken wings & beer, a Dolomites tradition since 2017 🍗🍻

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Oh, bless! What’s been your favorite trip would you say?

Definitely my trip to Havasu!  It was my first backpacking trip by myself and it was just so empowering. The scenery there was just stunning, as was the incredible 100-foot waterfall. You can read about my experience on my blog!

Oh, we will. Ok, what’s your final piece of advice to other airline employees?

I guess I would remind airline employees that the most expensive part of travel is covered thanks to their job with the airline. As for accommodations, you can always stay with friends, family, get a killer hotel discount through ID90 Travel, or sleep in the rental car like I do… all you gotta do is get creative!

Also, you know, you can have a super rad trip in just two or three days. Some of my favorite trips were those jam-packed weekend excursions that only lasted a few days! I saw New York City in just one day. I went to LA for one day, rented a bicycle form a beach vendor, and cycled along the coast while eating chili cheese dogs.

I hiked all over Redwood National Park in one day, explored and hiked throughout the coast and forests in Oregon for three days… it’s all about being flexible, and about seizing the opportunity to go anywhere.

I like showing up at the airport without a plan or destination in mind. I’ll just check the monitors to see what cities are being served, check the boarding totals, and go. From Kalispell, I can spend an entire day in Denver by taking the first flight out and the last flight back in.

You can always find a seat to somewhere… so why not go? Just go. I’ve never regretted it and never will.


Well, she’s got us convinced! When can we head up to the mountains? We hope you enjoyed getting to meet our beloved Megan Elizabeth. If you’d like to learn more about her travels or see some of her photography make sure to check out her blog and Instagram.

Until next time Interliners, safe travels. Keep your eyes on the skies!

Author: Emily (@ID90 Travel)

Emily is the Content Marketing Manager here at ID90 Travel. An avid non-rev flyer (she grew up in the industry), and passionate private pilot, Emily can’t get enough of all things aviation. When not writing awesome ID90 Travel content she can be found on a Texas patio, being one with nature, or annoying her ID90T co-workers with her many, many, crowdsourcing questions.