“Hey! I’m Marcy – lover of art museums, music, theatre, cruising, and exploring the world. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, and grew up skiing and hiking the beautiful Wasatch mountains with my three brothers.

If my mom had not twisted my dad’s arm to buy their first timeshare week in the early 1970’s in Park City, I don’t think we would have gone on many vacations. When you invest money into a vacation beforehand, you will make sure you go somewhere just to get your money’s worth. They bought their second timeshare a few years later at Snowbird Ski Resort and every single year since the time I was in the first grade we could count on missing a week of school mid-January to ski!


My parents ended up getting two more timeshare weeks just so they could trade to different places. We used their weeks to travel to Southern California, Florida, and various places closer to home.  My parents later went to Hawaii and England.

Because of these opportunities, the travel bug bit hard at a young age. When I was in the 8th grade, every student was given an aptitude test. I remember marking that I wanted to work with people, I was adventurous and I liked to see new places. My number one career choice came back as a commercial airline pilot.  I was surprised and pleased but didn’t know how I could actually accomplish something like that. (I am happy to see programs geared toward young girls with women in aviation mentoring them and telling them about the possibilities!)


I graduated from college in music (piano) and communications and took every opportunity to travel along the way. I was fortunate to tour Europe for a month with a group right after high school which deepened my wanderlust. Other favorite trips were to England and seeing London, Stonehenge, Brighton, and Wales with a friend who moved there.

I ended up working at Snowbird for 10 years in marketing and sales when they remodeled half of the giant Cliff lodge and turned them into timeshare condos. Funny how early experiences influence us later in life.


I always dreamed of working in the airline industry and I never forgot that aptitude test. I had heard about this airline where the reservation agents could work part-time from home. When the timing was finally right for me, I got a job with JetBlue and have never looked back! I enjoy my job greatly, and I am very pleased with the flexibility I have to travel if I plan ahead. The opportunities are limitless if you just go!

I am a self-proclaimed Disnerd. The first non-rev trip my husband and I made was to Orlando where we got an annual pass to the four Disney parks. We went back several times and still didn’t see it all. There are so many places to stay in Orlando and it is very easy to get to. Epcot is a must see with all the different festivals and live music!


Rapid Fire Questions:

What are you most excited for in your ID90 Travel Brand Ambassador experience?

I am super excited to get to know the other Brand Ambassadors and ID90 Travel team members and start spreading the word about great travel deals to other aviation employees. I’m looking forward to posting all about new adventures through ID90 Travel on my social media and travel website. Follow my Instagram accounts @marcytrvlr and @destinationdomination (my website will soon be launching with travel tips, stories and inspiring pictures/videos from around the world).

What’s your go-to Traveling hack/tip?

When flying an overnight red-eye, be sure to call the hotel or resort the day before and let them know you will have an early arrival and ask if you can check in early. They will never guarantee anything but more often than not, I have been able to check in as soon as we arrive and sleep before we head out for the day. Always worth a try!

What’s on my travel list?

I would love to go back to Italy and spend a few weeks experiencing all the art, culture, food and sights. I am passionate about the arts and Italy is a mecca for it.

I would also like to go skiing with my husband in the mountains of Europe.


What’s been your favorite customer or work experience?

My favorite customer experience was when a mother called in at her ropes end. She had already talked to three agents before me and was told we couldn’t help because it was weather-related. Her very shy 19-year-old daughter was off at college in California and away from home for the first time. The girl decided on her own to spend all her savings to buy a plane ticket at the last minute and surprise her dad for his birthday. The ticket was very expensive and it used up every single dollar she had. The redeye put her in Boston early but unfortunately, bad weather canceled the 7 AM flight to Tampa and she was put on a 3:30 PM in the afternoon which was now delayed another three hours. The girl had no money whatsoever and was starving and scared. I was able to convince a supervisor that it was “the right thing to do” to help this girl out. The sup called a manager at the terminal who gave her some food vouchers.

What’s been your favorite trip?

So hard choose! Probably my favorite trip was when I took my daughter on an 18-day Panama Canal cruise starting in Tampa and ending in San Diego. We got an incredible last-minute deal. I adore cruising because you unpack once and the ship is your floating, all-inclusive hotel which takes you to exotic places around the world. The food and entertainment are always amazing.

Our favorite stops were swimming with the stingrays at Grand Cayman, zip-lining in Costa Rica, sailing, snorkeling, and beach time in Aruba and Mexico, and the Ultimate Challenge in Puerto Vallarta.

The Ultimate Challenge was intense! You start out with a high-speed rubber raft boat ride down the coast, a bumpy ride up the mountain in an all-terrain vehicle, riding donkeys up a dusty trail as they all tried to get ahead of each other. Next came zip-lining, crossing rope bridges through the trees, rappelling down waterfalls and being dropped into a pool of water below. There were several terrifying moments but everything was so fast paced and the workers didn’t let you have a second to even think about being scared – you just went! On the raft ride back, we spotted a family of dolphins playing and they stopped the boat for ten minutes so we could watch them.


What’s your advice for other airline employees?

If you feel nervous about non-revving, take a few days and do nothing but airport hop. I did this with a coworker and we hit a dozen different cities in three days. We were prepared to stay somewhere if we got stuck but we never got bumped once so we kept flying! We slept on the planes for overnight flights into Puerto Rico and found an airport lounge to rest and wash up in.

We learned an incredible amount about listing, watching flight loads and how the gate agents differ from each airport. We loved getting to know the flight crews flying into St. Croix and St. Maarten – they were very friendly!


What’s your favorite life or travel philosophy?

My favorite philosophy for life and travel is, “If you live an ordinary life, all you will have are ordinary stories. Live a life of adventure!” We found this beach in Grand Cayman and ended up taking a swim.


Traveling is part of a continuing education. So much can be learned from experiencing different cultures and meeting new people. As Airline Employees, we can go practically anywhere and live a life most people can only dream about. Find a way to travel that fits in your budget. I’ve stayed in Hostels, slept in the rental car and use my travel credit card for everything so I can earn travel points. I never regret taking a trip and I always come home ready to work hard and earn enough for the next adventure. Go explore your world!”

–  💙 Marcy

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