If you haven’t heard (or read), please allow us to be completely transparent with you for a moment… *Sigh* Here it goes. We’ve got the best Brand Ambassadors on this planet. There. We said it! Now you know everything. Phew, it feels good to get that off our chest! It’s been talked about all over our social media channels for a minute now, so we thought we’d just go ahead and address those positive accusations firsthand.And fortunately, it’s true! You can believe us. It’s not just our opinion here that we’re talking about. We’ve received an incredible response from the airline community about them, and on top of that we personally believe that it’s just an inherent truth. How so? Have you met our fabulous Interliner A-Team? If you have, you’d know, and if you haven’t, you totallyshould. Lucky for you we can introduce you to one right now, if you want!

His name is Imran, and he’s just another shining example of the excellent quality of our Brand Ambassador team. This guy has got it going on, and we’re not just saying that because he’s the handsome face that greets us from the Delta in-flight safety video. Imran’s absolutely one of a kind. He’s a dedicated flight attendant, passionate pilot, affable photographer, and hustling online trader (just to name a few of the things he’s up to!).

Read on to discover what makes this master of travel (and of life) tick, we promise you won’t be disappointed (we sure weren’t!).

Who is Imran?

Although born and originally raised in the Middle East, Imran considers himself culturally Indian. Drawn by the opportunity, quality of life, and desirable schools in the United States, Imran and his family made the move to Atlanta, Georgia when he was 14. Assimilating quickly (although he moved at an admittedly awkward age), Imran was able to switch over to speaking English from his native Urdu full time.

This talent for learning languages (started while he was in school in the Middle East) would follow him throughout the rest of his life. After graduation, Imran attended college with the sole intention of becoming a doctor. In fact, his sister actually did! But after a grueling couple of months of medical research post-grad, Imran found himself burnt out and looking for an escape.

“I decided, let me take a little break, because once I go to medical school I won’t have the time off anymore. Medicine is a noble profession, but you know, it’s not all happy joy joy.” So Imran, in order to take this break, started to look for opportunities to teach or assist abroad. Out of pure coincidence, his friend Rose recommended that he apply to work for Delta as a flight attendant.

Although afraid he wouldn’t have the right qualifications for the highly sought after position, he proceeded anyway and was quickly moved on to the in-person interview. As we now know, the rest is history! “At one point they moved all of the soon-to-be-hired candidates into the same room. They didn’t tell us what was going on, but somehow we just knew, and there was this air of pure celebration!”

Traveling with the Airlines

A Career in Aviation

“When I went through flight attendant training, I started to get this… different feeling for once. It (training) wasn’t all talking about emergency medical procedures and blood pressure, etc. It was destinations and cultures, the things people dream about doing! The second I got on my first flight there was this immediate thrill. A childhood thrill of mine that I’d had for years, living like Aladdin on a magic carpet (a running correlation joke that suddenly started to feel real).”

This experience in training and his first demo flight (a birthday gift) are what more than convinced Imran to stay in his newfound airline industry family. From there his passion for all things aviation and travel only grew. Never one to shy away from an intriguing challenge, Imran found himself drawn to yet another industry profession. “The view from the cockpit was simply unbeatable, so I thought to myself, ‘Why not?'”

An impressively small time later, Imran’s now not only a Delta purser but also a full-fledged commercial pilot for a charter airline! Going the flight school route, Imran received his commercial license in only eight short months. During this time he noticed a need for community. To fill it he created a Delta-only Facebook group to enable all those in the Delta world to come together in the pursuit of a career in piloting.

When asked if becoming a commercial pilot and receiving more ratings was his career goal for the future he answered; “Sure, but I don’t know if I necessarily follow the idea of focusing on a ‘career.’ I want to establish a lifestyle, one that I enjoy! Doing things I enjoy and always learning something new.”

Pursuing More Passions

Now that the airline industry’s got Iman hooked, he’s been busy using his flight privileges to explore the world. “I’ve been to 58 countries, and although I’ve traveled before (to India to visit family) somehow now travel feels completely different. I get to experience new cultures, meet new people, and utilize my other talents!”

Speaking of, Imran’s fluent in three languages (which makes him an asset on international flights). He’s somewhat conversational in six more and has 13 total that he’s learning. Impressive, right? You’d think someone like him would have to spend all day with his nose stuck in a Rosetta Stone book, but with him that’s not the case.

“I learn better in practice. So instead of taking language courses I listen to podcasts in other languages, try to put together phrases I hear with the help of a dictionary (his favorite spare time reading), and practice with conversation buddies.” Besides being a language wiz kid, Imran is quite adept at photography. Starting to tinker with it on his own, he quickly became known for it, and was soon asked to shoot weddings for friends!

“Pictures are a fantastic way to freeze time, that’s why I love taking photos when I travel! Having those photos means that at any time I can open up my library and relive the moments I cherished the most.” A current big dream of his would be to go to Vietnam with a camera and backpack. He’d buy a scooter there and drive the coast, encountering locals and experiencing their culture along the way. In the end, he hopes to leave the scooter with a local who needs it.

“People are what drive me. Every time I travel I meet more people that make me realize that our purpose in life is not to live in our own ways. It’s to share in experiences. That’s why I find it so important to understand languages and lifestyles. That’s how we understand each other, that’s how we relate. People love to interact, and they so do through music, through dance, and through food. So I learned to dance and to eat!”

Imran Tells All – Rapid Fire Questions

In order to keep ourselves from writing a literal book on all the magical things Imran has done, we moved on to the rapid-fire question section. Sure, the answers in this section are never quite rapid, but we love the details and stories that our Brand Ambassadors have to tell. You couldn’t get us to cut them short if you paid us.

Imran, you’ve been able to experience so much! If you had to pick just one trip to be your absolute favorite, which one would it be?

“My absolute favorite trip would have to be the one trip I took with my best friend Neftali. We spent an entire week traveling, leading up to the world’s largest food fight, hopping cities the entire way there. Although we started off in NYC, we spent that week before in Paris, Cairo, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and finished off in Valencia. The best part about it was our level of spontaneity as we only picked our next destination once we were stranded in an airport, or had missed a flight. Along the way, we had the chance to meet several cool human beings who not only allowed us into their lives but also into their homes, to eat with their families.

It was truly one of the coolest experiences. We went on a whim, made some of the sweetest friends in the world, and found ourselves in new homes every step of the way. The icing on the cake was our trip’s finale at the world’s largest food fight. We found ourselves in the company of thousands of people throwing tomatoes at each other. Absolutely, wild.”

That’s so incredible and so moving! Speaking of, what kind of moving experiences have you encountered while traveling?

“Oh, there’s lots. But the saddest (and most moving) thing I’ve seen while traveling is the reality where some people in this world work a year to earn an existence that it takes me only a week or even a mere day.

All it would take for me to change someone’s life for a year is simply to work just a little harder for a week. It blows my mind that while I sit in comfort at Delta One, there’s probably someone at my next destination who is living in a home that’s between a wall and a hung cloth. Blows not just my mind, but every ounce of composure I have in me to smithereens.”

That really puts life into perspective! Ok, what about your favorite travel experience?

“One of my all-time favorite experiences has been eating French influenced Asian food in a riverside village in Laos. Laos is in south-east Asia and was a former French colony. For an Asian raised Francophile, nothing says food magic more than freshly baked baguettes stuffed with coconut-spiced, cilantro-garnished chicken.

Walking through the streets of Luang Prabang, finding a French cafe where you can grab this delicate food fusion, and be able to eat it among locals (as the sun sets on the river) is truly a magical experience.”

Yes! One you’d want to capture forever! Say, any tips for other photographers?

“Getting a GoPro is a must for adventure seekers and frequent travelers. It’s so versatile, and there’s so much you can do with it! The best part about a GoPro is that you can shoot great videos and stills, with decent quality, and still have plenty of room for storage.

The next step up would also be a DSLR, but those usually take up more room and increase your risk of tourist visibility. It’s a trade-off between having more control of your photos or increasing the chance of getting robbed/ripped off.

The final tool I’d recommend is one I’m currently eyeing, and it’s a drone. Drones like the one made by GoPro or those top-notch DJI drones are something you can take with you to capture your experiences and visuals from multiple perspectives. I mean, it’s a toy, so you have to be careful. Some countries out there have bans on their usage, so read up before you show up.”

Great tips! Ok, any last suggestions for your fellow Interliners?

“Whenever you step outside your place into somebody else’s space, just know, your truth doesn’t necessarily mean their truth. As different as we all are, we can’t always boil down to one essential factor. But we’re all human, and our core is the same. So when you’re trying to connect with others on your trek across unknown horizons, make sure you walk with an open mind. But also try not to get nervous, because you’re still on familiar grounds. Let your humanity show and others will always show it back to you.  This is coming from someone who always finds a friend!”


WE TOLD YOU! Magical, right? For more insight into our Interliner A-Team (or to keep abreast of information on the next round’s application) make sure you check out our blog, Interliner. We want to thank Imran for his time and allowing us to pick his brain. If there’s anything more you’d like to know, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Also, check him out on Instagram! Until next time dear friends. Safe travels, and keep your eyes on the skies!

Author: Emily (@ID90 Travel)

Emily is the Content Marketing Manager here at ID90 Travel. An avid non-rev flyer (she grew up in the industry), and passionate private pilot, Emily can’t get enough of all things aviation. When not writing awesome ID90 Travel content she can be found on a Texas patio, being one with nature, or annoying her ID90T co-workers with her many, many, crowdsourcing questions.