Simply put, ID90 Travel is the easiest and cheapest way for airline employees to book flights, hotels, cruises, and cars. Today we’re happy to introduce several new features for ID90 that allow you to find the perfect hotel or car at the best price.

Newly Designed Homepage

We gave our website a new face today with a homepage that accurately reflects all of our travel products and services. ID90 Travel is the one stop shop for airline employees to find flights, hotels, cars and cruises.

Best Car Price

Find ID90 Hotels by Price

Want to know the average price of hotels in the destination you’re interested in? No problem. Our new price filter allows you to readily see the average hotel price for a given location and where most hotels are on a price scale.

Price Filter: Simply click and drag the slider to filter the price range you want to shop. You’ll see the average hotel rate for the destination you’re searching in right below the price slider.


Watch ID90 Hotels from Anywhere

We took a step back and rethought our Watch List feature. We know airline employees are always on the go and using mobile more and more. So we improved the hotel watch list feature for mobile so you can more easily add hotels on the go. Simply click the add to watch list button and you’re done. You’ll receive a notification if the price changes or hotel becomes unavailable—making sure you never miss out on an awesome deal. Lastly, if you want to remove a hotel from your watch list, simply visit your watch list page and click the delete button.


Sticky Filters

Our new hotel design allows you to easily filter hotels from anywhere on the search page with our new sticky filters. Go ahead, scroll to the bottom and adjust your search with our filters with ease.


More Updates

We’ve been focusing a lot on mobile. We’ve made several strides in improving the mobile experience with more intuitive designs and experiences. You should now find amenity icons on mobile search so you can find hotels with pools or airport shuttle service, easily filter through hotels and enjoy a modern experience.

The Best ID90 Hotels Just For You

Our hotel search results have been improved by putting more emphasis on hotels popular with other airline employees. For most of our top destinations, we’ve put the most popular hotels at the top of the search results page so you can easily choose one that suits your needs.

Best Car Prices for You to Choose From

When you book your flight or hotel, we shop all available rental cars in the area. We thought: “Couldn’t we make this better?”. And we did. We now will only show the best available car prices, regardless of brand, to customers for each type of vehicle. This way, you’ll immediately know the best price for an Economy, Intermediate or Luxury car at a glimpse.

Ready to book your next hotel? Shop discount hotels now.

Author: Roger Ximenez

Roger Ximenez is the Director of Product at ID90 Travel. He has over 5+ years experience working alongside engineering teams to build the next generation of features. He is also the data and automation evangelist, promoting the use of data to streamline automation strategies.