Hello fellow travelers! ID90 Travel here again, ready to introduce you to another fabulous team member. Her name is Elena, and she’s our accounting manager from Slovakia. That’s right, Slovakia! We’ve got some pretty amazing people working here. She’s a passionate mother, avid traveler, and human abacus… but why am I doing all the introductions? Here, I’ll let Elena tell you more about herself…


Elena & “The Human Abacus


Accounting Manager. I make sure bills are paid, and the company keeps in compliance. I also close the books to prepare ID90 Travel for financial statements.

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in the capital city of a little ol’ beautiful country called Slovakia, in the “big city” of Bratislava. But the United States in general made me who I am today.

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What is the last song you listened to, or TV show you watched?

The last song I listened to was “Me Too” by Megan Trainor with my 8 year old daughter in our car. Trainor’s her favorite artist, so she always begs me to play her stuff wherever we go! The last book I read was “How Google Works” by Schmidt & Rosenberg, and I recently binge-watched “WestWorld.”

If you could trade lives with someone who would it be?

No one really, but if I had to choose, I would love to trade lives with Richard Branson. His zest for life, and the fun he seems to be having while running his companies and doing what he loves, is what I strive for in my own life.

Tell us three things about yourself & make one a lie.

I am a mother of two. I hate shopping. I used to work as a flight attendant.

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Who (or what) inspires you to be the best you?

My father. He was a wise and extraordinary man. His influence will always be present.

What is one adventurous thing you’d love to do but haven’t had the time to recently? (Shark diving, bungee jumping, etc.)

Well I’ve already gone skydiving …twice (and no, not by choice the second time). Any adrenaline sport is on the list, we’ll see what opportunity presents itself! I would love to do both shark diving and bungee jumping, but shark diving sounds most thrilling for the my next adventure.

What’s your favorite kind of vacation?

I love the mountains and skiing in the winter, so any trip that involves that! There’s nothing better than getting a workout while exploring the beauty of gorgeous views and thrilling rides on the slopes. But really… I’ll take any vacation ?.

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You’re given an unlimited budget and unlimited time, were do you travel?

Lots of places. Singapore, Polynesia, or Australia being at the top of the list… but if I had to pick just one place (and it was possible) I’d go to space. The universe is beyond fascinating to me.

What is your most bizarre talent?

I can think about a zillion thoughts in a second. LOL! (Hence her nickname, amiright?!)

What’s the best trip you’ve ever been on?

As my “exotic” trips go – it’s a toss up between my vacation to South Korea and experiencing Carnival in Brazil. But my favorite must have been last year’s ski trip to Aspen with my kids. It was our first-ever family ski vacation together, and it was oh so fun to watch my kiddos develop a passion for the sport I love so much.

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What’s your “travel style?

I’m not sure I have a “style,” but when it comes to traveling I like to be prepared, organized, and always have a plan – even if that plan includes “free time” to do whatever comes along.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Detailed, Organized & Proactive

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How’s that for interesting? We’re glad you stopped by! Hopefully you learned a thing or two about traveling, and were maybe even inspired to take a trip to Slovakia! Interested in getting to know more of our awesome team? Click on that handy dandy button below to meet more peeps like Emily, CarterDebbieDavid B, Esteban, LuluRoger, and David C! Until next time, safe travels, and keep your eyes on the skies!

Author: Emily (@ID90 Travel)

Emily is the Content Marketing Manager here at ID90 Travel. An avid non-rev flyer (she grew up in the industry), and passionate private pilot, Emily can’t get enough of all things aviation. When not writing awesome ID90 Travel content she can be found on a Texas patio, being one with nature, or annoying her ID90T co-workers with her many, many, crowdsourcing questions.