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In this continuing series on Interliner, we get to turn the tables and have you get to know us. You’ve met Emily and Carter, now its time to get to know Debbie! She’s the Director of Account Management, and our office celebrity. Read on to learn more about this charming Kiwi. She knows a lot, she’s been here a while!


Deb & “The one who knows where all the skeletons are buried.”


Trebeca Travel – Director of Account Management

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Papakura, Auckland, New Zealand.

Debbie is from New Zealand

You’re given an unlimited budget & unlimited time, where do you travel?

I would start by taking my guys and heading back to a couple of my favourite countries/cities like Hong Kong, Tahiti, Saint-Cirq-Lapopie in France, Lucerne – Switzerland and Sun City – South Africa. After that, there are a number of countries I have not yet traveled to that I would like to visit.

What’s the last book you read?

Does Veranda and Elle Decor count?

Who (or what) motivates you to do what you do?

My husband. He left his family in Argentina to move to the states with me, adjusted to a new country, started a new job and studied for a new career at the same time. All to provide a better life for our family. I am blessed every day to have him by my side.

Debbie loves her Husband

If you could trade lives with someone, who would it be?

After all I said about my husband… no one.

What’s your go-to traveling hack/tip?

If you travel to/through a country where you’re worried about your bags being opened and things being taken, split things up. One shoe in one bag, the other in the 2nd bag. Split up all gifts and any sets of things. It will not interest them as much to end up with only one Jimmy Choo!

Tell us three things about yourself and make one a lie.

I was in a Madonna video, Prince Andrew was my date to a wedding, and I represented New Zealand in the under 18 world Netball Championships when I was 17.

Debbie in Madonna Video

What’s your favorite kind of vacation location?

I would have to say anything in the mountains. Growing up in New Zealand where we had a beach at the end of our road, I much prefer to spend my vacations walking/hiking through the trees.

What’s the best trip you’ve ever been on?

My trip to South Africa. To get to hold and play with baby lions, ride an elephant, and swim with the penguins at a local beach were experiences I will never forget.

What’s your most bizarre talent?

It is not really crazy or anything, just more uncommon for a girl. I am very handy when it comes to nail guns, routers, chop saws, etc.

Debbie is Elastagirl

What’s your “travel style?”

Depends on who I am traveling with. With my guys it is much more low key, camping and hanging out on the beach. When I am with my twin sister we tend to go more upscale.

Debbie, describe yourself in 3 words.

Chatty, social, and did I mention chatty!

Debbie is Kelly Kapoor

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Author: Emily (@ID90 Travel)

Emily is the Content Marketing Manager here at ID90 Travel. An avid non-rev flyer (she grew up in the industry), and passionate private pilot, Emily can’t get enough of all things aviation. When not writing awesome ID90 Travel content she can be found on a Texas patio, being one with nature, or annoying her ID90T co-workers with her many, many, crowdsourcing questions.