Hello, airline employee friends! We’re back with yet another article to teach you how to travel like a non-rev. If you’ve been watching Interliner recently you may have seen our blog that showed where other avid non-revvers are traveling. Well, we’re back with more. We’ve got another handful of great wanderluster insight and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Now, if you have absolutely no idea what we’re talking about, allow us to explain. Every week we feature a new airline employee’s travel imagery on Instagram. Then, at the end of the month, we turn around and share the travel story behind that post here, on Interliner. Now, be aware, these avid non-revvers aren’t your typical airline employee. They take their awesome employee benefit and run with it! The result is some fascinating traveler insight that we can’t wait to share with y’all. For some exclusive av-crew travel tips, keep reading.

The Silfra Fissure – Þingvellir National Park, Iceland

This super cool video is brought to you by @b5ohana – a really awesome, super active non-revving, airline employee family. They filmed it while snorkeling the Silfra fissure in the Þingvallavatn Lake in Iceland. What is Silfra? Well, it’s quite the interesting phenomenon! This fascinating geological fissure is actually a crack between the North American and Eurasian continents. That’s right, divers here are very literally swimming between two tectonic plates. Thanks to the glacial water from nearby Langjökull (2°C – 4°C year round), and the porous underground lava that it’s filtered through for 30-100 years, the water is crystal clear. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, both for its cultural and historical significance and natural and geological uniqueness, Silfra is open year round. Go for the day or for two, and even be picked up for the short one-hour ride from Reykjavik to Silfra – just make sure you bring your long underwear!  You’ll float through the Big Crack, the narrowest section (although it moves 2cm a year) where you can almost touch both continents, into Silfra Hall. If the colors and clarity don’t cause you to black out from amazement you’ll continue from there into Silfra Cathedral and finish in Silfra Lagoon. We don’t know about you, but it makes us want to book a trip to Iceland ASAP.

Lion Encounter – Livingstone, Zambia

Want to walk among African wildlife? @krissylou243 did, and you can too! “Lion encounter is an active conservation program that is passionate about ensuring a secure future for the African lion.” This program is the first to genuinely and ethically re-introduce offspring of captive-bred African lions (a species that has seen an 80-90% decline in the past 20-30 years) back into the wild. It offers people the opportunity to walk with these beautiful creatures through the African desert, and volunteer or actively contribute to the organizations preservation efforts. Just a “stone’s throw” away from jaw-droppingly beautiful Victoria Falls this cool interactive program offers a range of packages. Now, if you’re reading this and starting to think that seeing some lions doesn’t quite justify an whole flight across the ocean, we understand. But don’t fear, that’s not all you have at your disposal here! There are countless things to do and see in this area, like aforementioned Victoria Falls, River Zambezi, the Chinhoyi Caves, Bulawayo, the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, Hwange National Park, and Matapos National Park to name a few. The Victoria Falls airport is brand new, the safari adventures far less crowded than others, and the experience is one you’ll never forget. Need we say more?

Glaciar Perito Moreno – Santa Cruz Province, Argentina

This natural wonder is yet another UNESCO-named World Heritage Site, and was videoed by the wonderful @wendyandtheworld. Glaciar Perito Moreno, on the southern half of Los Glaciares National Park, is the more famous of glaciers in this area due to its dynamic changes. These changes produce a cyclic phenomenon of forward and backward movement, which cause spectacular ice falls on its front walls. Available for a variety of tours, visitors can explore deep into the famous blue glacier, experience the jaw-dropping scenery, and trek across the ice. Stay in the enchanting nearby city of El Calafate, on the coast of Lago Argentino, and fly in to local Comandante Armando Tola International Airport. Adjacent to Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, this trip is for lovers of the outdoors, situated in the southern half and western coast of an exciting country. Many site reviewers mention renting a car to make the trip from their stay to the site, so check out our site to save on transportation there! Wanting to make all of your friends jealous on Instagram? Well, then we’ve found the perfect picturesque site for you.

Wailea-Makena, Hawaii

Sometimes non-revving trips can randomly work out thanks to the perfect combination of crew scheduling and flight loads. At least it did for @flywithme.fallon and her beau (pictured here)! These random trips are even better when they work in a place like this. Say hello to Wailea-Makena on the island of Maui in Hawaii, just a hop and a skip up the coast from Mākena State Park. Fallon was smart and rented a Vespa so that she could store her snorkel gear inside and then could beach hop along the coast. (Wailea-Makena is a good beach to stop at, and one she visited.) It offers the Wailea Beach Walk that stretches for miles and connects many of the small towns’ coasts. In the winter this trail is a good place to spot whales. Golfers and foodies alike will enjoy this corner of the Maui, as it offers both the Wailea Golf Club and the Makena Golf Course among a slew of popular and tasty restaurants. Maui is also a great island to visit with much to see like Haleakala National Park (home to the world’s largest dormant volcano), Waianapanapa’s freshwater caves, the Old Lahaina Luau, the Maui Ocean Center, and Banyan Tree Park. Hawaii is arguably one of the most beautiful places on the planet, so if it wasn’t on your bucket list we hope it is now!

Craving an adventure yet? We sure are! We hope that we’ve given you a few ideas to expand upon in your own travels here on Interliner. If you’ve got a great travel story to tell, please hit us up. We’d love to hear it and/or feature it! Until next time keep an eye on our Instagram and other social channels to see where other’s like your are spending their time exploring the world. See you again here soon! Safe travels, and keep your eyes on the skies ?.

Author: Emily (@ID90 Travel)

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