A very wise man once said…

Customer service shouldn’t be a department, it should be the entire company.”

That one wise man is Tony Hsieh, the CEO of the wildly successful company that is Zappos.com. In case you’ve not been briefed on who he is, allow us to give you a quick overview. Tony, when looking for a new project after his first made him rich beyond his wildest dreams, was approached for help by Zappos founder Nick Swinmurn in 1998.

When getting the project up and off the ground, Tony had one requirement – that no matter what they did or how they grew, the culture had to be right (even if that meant Tony had to bankroll the project himself). With this goal set in place, Zappos grew. They created 10 core values and stuck to ’em. This resulted in a killer customer service team intent on “Delivering the Wow.”

Why do we know all this? Four members of our team (Flor and Maggie – Customer Support, Argentina n’ Carter and Emily – Marketing, Southlake) were fortunate enough to visit Zappos’ new headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada recently. See, we’re also intent on delivering that wow experience. In fact, that’s how we started.

We saw a need in the market (one that most of us already inhabited, to begin with) and sought to fill it. Not with just another solution, but with a quality family dedicated to making the lives easier of their airline employee community. Quality customer support and delivering the best user experience still courses through our blood.

Our Customer Support & Care Teams

Beyond caring for our customers in our product development, we go above and beyond to care for them in our Cruise Call Center (Southlake-based) and Customer Support Call Center (Cordoba, Argentina-based) too. Hey, so that’s what we wanted to talk to you about today! We’ve received such a positive response on our customer care, that we just had to share.

But before we get to that, please allow us to introduce you to the teams themselves…

Our Cruise Call Center

Lead by their fearless leader (and our Cruise Master), Brian, we’ve got a team of lovely individuals (based stateside) who cover cruise. They’re the go-to for good deals, cruise and shore excursion bookings, and cruise customer support. If you’re ever looking to book a cruise (or shore excursion) with us, you can always go ahead and book online, but we’d always recommend you call this amazing team first!

Available Monday through Friday (from 8AM to 7PM CST), and Saturday (10AM to 2PM CST) via phone (817.767.0300 Local | 877.214.5485 Toll-Free) and by email (cruises@id90travel.com) this team is ready and waiting for your call. Passionate about cruising themselves (you’ll find most of them on a cruise for vacation) this team has some serious cruise know-how, in fact, most of them have worked on a cruise line themselves.

Don’t believe us? See what others had to say…

“Melissa is outstanding! She had me on her lookout list and contacted me when my trip was available. She is so helpful and informative about all the details regarding the cruise. I’m excited to have her and my cruise specialist and will book more trips with her in the future!”

– Lucy Farley

“Jessica went above and beyond any travel rep I have ever had in helping us with our reservation, and then some. She returned phone calls, answered emails, and helped me with texting. She deserves some kind of reward. She exemplifies what customer service is all about.”

– Jill Long

“Words of praise are not enough for the efficiency that goes by the name ‘Hope’. She is the absolute dream employee any company could dream of. My husband and I only keep returning to you because of Hope. She lives up to her name. Kindly extend our gratitude to her.”

– Lily D’Penha

“Debianne is awesome. She was amazing turning a bad situation into a good one. My friend wanted to and did cancel our cruise. Then she changed her mind. Debianne went above and beyond to turn that into a win-win. ID90 Travel should know how patient and awesome she was/is.”

– Dianne Rohny

“First time booking with ID90 Travel and was very satisfied with my experience. Jennifer was great and very professional. Your cruise website is good in that you can see where cabins are located, unlike other interline providers. Will definitely use you guys again.”

– David Linn

Our Customer Support Call Center

Based in Córdoba, Argentina (the city where our company got its start, and where a large chunk of the ID90 Travel family resides), our Customer Support Call Center is bravely lead by CrossFit junkie (and our ID90 Sudamérica Controller), Esteban. Maggie and Flor, the lovely two women we mentioned earlier, both serve as Customer Support Supervisors.

We here at ID90 Travel value diversity, integrity, and authenticity. As an example of that, we encourage our Customer Service Representatives to be who they are and do whatever they need to solve a customers problem. We’ve got a pretty large team down there doing just that, and we encourage you, whenever you face an issue, to give them a shout.

They’re available daily from 6AM to 12AM CST via phone (817.767.4041 Local | 877.298.5233 Toll-free) and by email (customersupport@id90travel.com). There’s both a large day and night crew, ready to take your call. See what lovely things people had to say about them!

About our Customer Support Supervisor, Flor…

“Due to an error, I was booked into a hotel of a similar name in Singapore. I only discovered this (about a month later) when I looked at my profile/upcoming trips on id90travel.com. Florencia offered excellent customer service – a quick, easy solution and professional all the way. Thank you, Florencia! Please pass on my gratitude and her excellent customer service should be commended.”

About our Customer Support Agent, Eugenio…

“The agent was very customer service oriented and capable. He listened closely to my issue. Then, he explained that he had to contact the hotel and he would call me back in a half hour. In less than 15 minutes, he called back with the issue resolved. I am very satisfied.”

About our Customer Support Agent, Sophie…

“Sophie was very helpful, answered my questions, and solved my problem. Now that’s excellent customer service! 👍”

About our Customer Support Agent, Laura…

“My call wait was short. My agent, Laura, was very quick to address and correct my password reset problem. Great customer support! Thank you.”

About our Customer Support Agent, Lucy…

“Lucy was outstanding. Not just becuase of the refund, but her personality is wonderful 😊.”

About our Customer Support Agent, Lori…

“Lori was nothing less than amazing! If there is any promotions or raises in the near future, I would hope you guys would storngly consider her.”

About our Customer Support Agent, Melisa…

“I was ecstatic at the prompt and favorable resolution of my hotel booking situation. Very thankful for ID90 Travel’s understanding in this matter. The behind the scenes personnel working on my probem deservese a great big THANK YOU for their professionalism and urgency.”

About our Customer Support Agent, Guadalupe…

“This is the best service that I have ever recieved while trying to resolve a web site issue!”

About our Customer Support Agent, Dylan…

“Dylan rocks and deserves a raise and recognition! Thanks, Dylan, you’re the best!”

About our Customer Support Agent, Dannie…

“Excellent, so quick and prompt, very positive in resolving my queries. I am very happy and satisfied. This is awesome that airline employees can get such great help! All of your team deserves a 100/100. I will absolutely share my great experience with friends. Thanks once again for everything. God bless you all, and THANK YOU DANNIE!”

Thanks for stopping by the blog today, Interliners! Stick around for some solid tips and tricks for travel or to meet more of our team. If this is your first-time experience ID90 Travel, we hope this encourages you to check us out (or download the app!) Until next time, safe travels and keep your eyes on the skies.


Author: Emily (@ID90 Travel)

Emily is the Content Marketing Manager here at ID90 Travel. An avid non-rev flyer (she grew up in the industry), and passionate private pilot, Emily can’t get enough of all things aviation. When not writing awesome ID90 Travel content she can be found on a Texas patio, being one with nature, or annoying her ID90T co-workers with her many, many, crowdsourcing questions.