As the spouse of an airline employee, I’ve taken my fair share of last-minute trips. We were always hesitant to book a hotel in advance since we never knew for certain if we were going to get on our desired flight. And once we did get seats on a flight, the excitement of holding our coveted boarding passes was often quickly tempered by the realization that we had about the length of the jet bridge to quickly find a hotel. What a hassle! If only you had the same capabilities of the Flight Watch List…

Introducing Hotel Watch List: Save a Hotel and Book The Best Price

Our talented software development team fixed this issue with our new Watch List feature. This feature allows you to save desired hotel properties in what we call a Watch List. We then check periodically if there have been any changes in price or availability for the properties you’ve added. If we find there were any changes, you will immediately be notified via text and/or email.

The Watch List notification will allow you to quickly book the hotel you were watching. You can add any number of hotels to your Watch List and remove them as you see fit.

Flying Somewhere? Add Some Hotels To Your Watch List

Since we know most of you are flying standby, it’s imperative to know whether or not you’re boarding the flight before purchasing a hotel. Booking a hotel in advance could be risky if it’s a popular flight; Booking a hotel right when you get to the area may increase the rate you pay. Customers no longer need to wonder if they should wait or purchase a hotel in advance. With ID90 Travel, you won’t have to worry about making your flight or finding the best hotel rate.

The walk to your seat just got a lot less stressful.

Author: Roger Ximenez

Roger Ximenez is the Director of Product at ID90 Travel. He has over 5+ years experience working alongside engineering teams to build the next generation of features. He is also the data and automation evangelist, promoting the use of data to streamline automation strategies.