The time has come. We all know it to be true. You know, the time to say adieu to our lovely 2017 Brand Ambassadors. They’ve been stunning. A proper gem, and if you missed their blogs we highly recommend you go back and read them here (The Buono Family, Shannon, Damir, Jay, Lorianne, Imran, KristenJulayna, Julie and Megan Elizabeth).

This is not goodbye for us, they’ll forever be our OG team, and it shouldn’t be goodbye for you, either! You can keep following their adventures right here on Interliner, or on our/their Instagram (@ID90Travel, @B5ohana, @iamshannonhutchinson, @damirkolakovic, @glandals, @lomcmullan, @dreamchasers_visions, @mskristravels, @julayna, @jmterrillimages, @themeganelizabeth. You can also find them under #InterlinerATeam, #NonRevLife, and #ID90Travel (and heck, you should add your images too!)

We had such a fun time with our stellar #InterlinerATeam this year, and we’ll be sad to see them go! So before we dive into opening the application period for our next round (which we will open soon, stay tuned on social), we thought we’d first award them their 2017 Brand Ambassador title, and relive their fantastic parting advice. So stick around and read below to see what our Brand Ambassadors had to say as their final piece of advice to their fellow Interliners.

A little bit of context… at the end of every interview we asked what one thing they’d want other Interliners to know about travel. This is what they said…

The Buono Family – Our Fearless Family

Why the “Fearless Family”?

The Buono family ain’t afraid of no ghost! But seriously, this family has no qualms about traveling anywhere. They just get up and go! Heck, the moment they had benefits, Tina and Paul immediately went on their first trip – just to get dinner!

Their final piece of advice to fellow Interliners…

“Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, explore, be adventurous, make a left turn instead of a right, follow a path to see where it ends. Being a non-rev allows us to embrace what the world has to offer. Dream of places that will make your heart full! We are one of the lucky ones. As always, safe travels to you all.”

Shannon Hutchinson – Our Social Media Qween

Why the “Social Media Qween”?

Shannon is the person to follow on social media because she’s always got the most amazing shots in the most interesting locations! Qween of tagging and great views from the cockpit, Shannon’s all over that social media lyfe.

Her final piece of advice to fellow Interliners…

“My advice? After climbing Kilimanjaro and just coming back from the Mt. Everest Base Camp my motto is this… you have one life to live, so get out there and live it! While you’re at it travel – like a rockstar, and while saving money with ID90 Travel. There’s no need for your non non-rev life friends to have travel envy, now they can get in on the savings too!”

Damir Kolakovic – Our GoPro Pro

Why the “GoPro Pro”?

If you haven’t been on Damir’s Instagram, it’s about time you were. He’ll simultaneously make you more than jealous and fill your soul with wanderlust. Check it out.

His final piece of advice to fellow Interliners…

“I would say to just go for it. Just do it. You’ll regret not going for it later! There’s always something to do and always a memory to make wherever you are, so just make it happen!”

Jay Landals – Our Non-Rev Champ

Why the “Non-Rev Champ”?

Jay doesn’t work for a “traditional airline,” yet he non-revs harder than just about anyone we know! Oh, and he does so as a party of nine. That’s right, nine. So if you think it’s hard to find flights, think again, because Jay’s finding ’em!

His final piece of advice to fellow Interliners…

“Use this benefit (ID90 Travel) often.  Once you master the system and the process the world is at your fingertips.  You have access to something that provides you the ability to go places and see things that only a select few people get to experience.   We all work in an industry that requires us to work under pressure and make snap decisions.  Apply that to non-rev travel.  The world is meant to be explored.  Open yourself to new languages, cultures people, surroundings and you will be hooked just like me!”

Lorianne McMullan – Our Busy Bee

Why the “Busy Bee”?

Lorianne doesn’t sit still! If she’s not working, she’s traveling, and making us jealous of it on Instagram!

Her final piece of advice to fellow Interliners…

“What makes travel cool is the past it connects you to. Every step you take has been taken by someone before you in a completely separate life that they lived! So just keep that in mind. Travel’s more than the destinations we see, it’s about the history of that destination that came before us.”

Imran Naser – Our International Gem

Why the “International Gem”?

Imran also isn’t afraid – of people, culture, or getting lost. This guy knows how to make the most out of his travels, and his Instagram proves it! He’s always heading somewhere just to get to know that corner of the globe, and we love it!

His final piece of advice to fellow Interliners…

“Whenever you step outside your place into somebody else’s space, just know, your truth doesn’t necessarily mean their truth. As different as we all are, we can’t always boil down to one essential factor. But we’re all human, and our core is the same. So when you’re trying to connect with others on your trek across unknown horizons, make sure you walk with an open mind. But also try not to get nervous, because you’re still on familiar grounds. Let your humanity show and others will always show it back to you.  This is coming from someone who always finds a friend!”

Kristin Shultz – Our Planning Rockstar

Why the “Planning Rockstar”?

Kristin’s position at her airline is quite different than the majority. Because of that, she plans things way in advance, and she does it so well! There are two types of travelers out there, and Kristin makes her type (the organized) look flawless and easy.

Her final piece of advice to fellow Interliners…

“Be prepared for the unexpected. As a non-rev you might have to make adjustments (whether that’s sleeping in an airport or jumping on a different flight), so just be prepared for anything!”

Julayna Smith – Our Experience Collector

Why the “Experience Collector”?

Whether she’s collecting shells to take home, trying new foods, or convincing her dad to bungee jump in New Zealand she’s experiencing the world around her! What’s that quote about having something to take from every experience?

Her final piece of advice to fellow Interliners…

“Travel, just do it! It’s such a big world, and we have the best privileges. So just get out there and go!”

Julie Terrill – Our Fabulous Philanthropist

Why the “Fabulous Philanthropist”?

Julie seeks to do good in our world and we love her for it! Whether it’s at home or on the road, she’s always looking for a way to give back while traveling and make the world a more beautiful place (by sharing her experiences or photographing it).

Her final piece of advice to fellow Interliners…

“Be open, and say yes to experiences. You never know who you’re going to meet when you say yes, who they’ll connect you to, or what new experience will come from that! So just be open.”

Megan Elizabeth – Our National Park Princess

Why the “National Park Princess”?

Megan’s absolutely not one to sit still, so when she’s not working she’s exploring our beautiful earth. She’s been to tons of national parks and we’re still counting! The person to go to for survival skills, Megan rocks the outdoors (and she’s got the photos and blogs to prove it)!

Her final piece of advice to fellow Interliners…

“The most expensive part of travel is covered thanks to their job with the airline. As for accommodations, you can always stay with friends, family, get a killer hotel discount through ID90 Travel, or sleep in the rental car like I do… all you gotta do is get creative!

Also, you know, you can have a super rad trip in just two or three days. Some of my favorite trips were those jam-packed weekend excursions that only lasted a few days! For example, I saw New York City in just one day. I went to LA for one day, rented a bicycle form a beach vendor, and cycled along the coast while eating chili cheese dogs.

I hiked all over Redwood National Park in one day, explored and hiked throughout the coast and forests in Oregon for three days… it’s all about being flexible, and about seizing the opportunity to go anywhere.

I like showing up at the airport without a plan or destination in mind. I’ll just check the monitors to see what cities are being served, check the boarding totals, and go. From Kalispell, I can spend an entire day in Denver by taking the first flight out and the last flight back in.

You can always find a seat to somewhere… so why not go? Just go. I’ve never regretted it and never will.”


Thank you for being the best Brand Ambassadors ever! 2018, that’s what you have to live up to. Speaking of, stay tuned here on Interliner, your email, and our social media channels. We’ll announce when the application period for #InterlinerATeam2018 is open! Until next time, Interliners. Safe travels and keep your eyes on the skies.

Author: Emily (@ID90 Travel)

Emily is the Content Marketing Manager here at ID90 Travel. An avid non-rev flyer (she grew up in the industry), and passionate private pilot, Emily can’t get enough of all things aviation. When not writing awesome ID90 Travel content she can be found on a Texas patio, being one with nature, or annoying her ID90T co-workers with her many, many, crowdsourcing questions.