Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we do want to answer them. If your question isn’t answered below, please contact us.

  • What products are included in the ID90T Employee Travel Platform and are they available a la carte?

    The ID90T Employee Travel Platform was developed as a complete turnkey employee travel solution for airlines and includes the following products:

    • Online travel ticketing (airline employees traveling on their own airline)
    • Interline travel ticketing (airline employees traveling on other airlines – reciprocal and one way)
    • Company Business travel ticketing (duty travel)
    • Listing Platform (for other airline employees to list on your airline)
    • Airline-employee discount travel products and services

    ID90T does offer all five of its products a la carte. Airlines have the ability to pick and choose which products they would like to implement. Even better, ID90T can “private label” all of the products in the ID90T Employee Travel Platform with the airline’s logo and colors for a custom look and feel.

  • What airline reservation systems does the ID90T Employee Travel Platform connect to?

    We have experience working with Sabre, Amadeus, Navitaire, HP Shares, SITA, and ITA. We are always ready to connect to another reservation system when needed.

  • How much participation is needed from the airline IT department to implement and maintain the ID90T Employee Travel Platform?

    Minimal airline IT resources are required. As part of the initial set-up and implementation, ID90T will work the airline IT department to connect directly to the airline’s reservation system and to establish the HR feed for validation of airline employee travel privileges. After the ID90 Employee Travel Platform is up and running, it requires virtually NO on-going maintenance unless the airline changes its reservation system and/or HR system.

  • Can you accommodate Buddy Pass travel programs and the associated allotments?

    Yes. ID90T Online Travel Ticketing can accommodate all allotment type employee pass travel programs. We currently support buddy/companion passes, airline alliance buddy passes, perfect attendance passes, positive space passes and one-time passes. Additionally, allotments can be updated as needed by the system administrator via the Administrator Module.

  • Can you accommodate company business and duty travel?

    Yes. ID90T Company Business Travel Ticketing can accommodate space available and positive space company business and duty travel for your employees traveling on your airline as well as for other airline employees wanting to travel on your airline. See Company Business Travel Ticketing for additional information.

  • Do you have a tool or module that enables employees to list on our flights?

    Yes. The ID90T Listing Platform enables employees who have a paper or electronic ticket to list on your flights and allows the employee to modify and cancel the listing at any point. Your airline will save considerable money with the ID90T Listing Platform since calls will no longer go into your airline reservations desk to shop, list, modify and or cancel a ticket on your flights.

  • Does the ID90T Employee Travel Platform include any system administration and reporting functionality?

    Yes. The ID90T Employee Travel Platform includes an Administration and Reporting Module that can be accessed by system administrators. The system administrators are typically airline employee travel department employees that are responsible for airline employee travel privileges and interline agreements for leisure and duty travel.

  • Is my airline required to have an intranet site or set-up any hardware or software in house to run the ID90T Employee Travel Platform?

    No. The ID90T Employee Travel Platform is a web based “Software as a Service” or “SaaS” platform. Airline employees can access the ID90T Employee Travel Platform 24/7 from any web enabled desktop or mobile device. ID90T provides all of the system software and IT infrastructure which allows airlines to realize substantial cost savings by eliminating IT hardware, software and personnel costs required to maintain legacy employee travel systems.

    Additionally, ID90T is continually making investments in it products to bring airlines and airline employees themost modern technology solutions for airline employee travel.

  • How much does the ID90T Employee Travel Platform cost?

    The cost depends upon which products are implemented. ID90T provides two pricing options for the Online Travel Ticketing Product as follows:

    • Monthly subscription fee based upon the number of employees/users that have access to system
    • Service fee for each segment booked through the system. A segment is defined as one traveler flying from one point to another point (i.e. a one-way, non-stop flight would be one segment)

    In both pricing options there is NO large upfront software license investment and NO annual software maintenance fees.

    Interline Travel Ticketing Product pricing is based upon a service fee for each segment, which is generally paid by the airline employee at the time of booking along with the applicable fare and taxes.

    Company Business Travel Ticketing Product and Listing Product pricing is a monthly license fee based upon the airline size and volume.

    Airline Employee Discounted Travel Products and Services are FREE for airlines that implement the Online Travel Ticketing Product and/or the Interline Travel Ticketing Product. Membership is $25 annually for all other airline employees that would like to join Most members more than cover the $25 annual fee with the savings they realize from their first hotel booking!

  • What customer support is offered to my employee travel department and to all of our airline employees that are users of the system?

    Your airline will be assigned a dedicated ID90 Travel Account Manager that will work directly with your Pass Travel, HR and IT departments to help get your airline up and running on the ID90 Travel Employee Travel Platform as soon as possible. Once implemented, your ID90 Travel Account Manager will continue to provide support and is accessible via email or phone whenever needed, with no extra charges.

    ID90 Travel has a toll free customer service help line for all airline employees that are users of the ID90 Travel Employee Travel Platform. The customer service center is open 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. EST, 7 days a week. Outside of these hours employees can email the customer support team and they will respond to them the next day. See the Contact Us section for additional information.