ID90 Travel Confirmed Discount Program: Purchase Discount Tickets 24/7

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Confirmed Discount Ticketing program. Airline employees can now use ID90 Travel to purchase confirmed airline tickets using employee discounts, saving both the employees and the airlines time. This program also allows airlines to generate supplementary revenue while enjoying additional cost savings.

This added service allows employees to book paid seats with employee discounts while reducing costs associated with manual processes. Airline employees get to book flights when they want and airlines eliminate the cumbersome manual fulfillment process of these tickets.

Why Is This Big News?

Previously, employees would need to call staff travel or their airline reservation department to book a confirmed discount ticket. In some cases, this task was only offered during regular business hours. If an employee found a fare on the weekend, they risked having the ticket price go up by the time they could purchase it. In addition, airlines had to manually process the tickets and update their internal systems to track employee use of these benefits. It was definitely a pain for everyone involved.

“With our Confirmed Discount Ticketing Capabilities, airlines can save money and finally realize revenue in their employee travel by monetizing it with our platform. We’ve had a great response from both employees, who no longer have to wait for someone to process their tickets, and from staff travel and reservation departments, who no longer need to manually process these tickets”. says Mike Stacy, CEO of ID90 Travel.

The Confirmed Discount program is fully integrated with ID90 Travel’s normal Leisure Ticketing workflow. As a result, customers do not require any additional training to use the product when an airline laucnhes the program. This added service is also applicable to the ID90 Travel app, for those airline employees on the go. While booking their air, customers can also save on average 20% more than any other travel site. That gives everyone reason to shop hotels in over 38,000 destinations worldwide.

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Author: Roger Ximenez

Roger Ximenez is the Director of Product at ID90 Travel. He has over 5+ years experience working alongside engineering teams to build the next generation of features. He is also the data and automation evangelist, promoting the use of data to streamline automation strategies.