Marketing – Senior Marketing Strategist

ID90 Travel seeking a savvy, experienced marketer with a “roll up your sleeves and jump in the trenches” attitude to join our marketing team. The ideal candidate is a well-rounded marketer with a wide range of skills and the ability to quickly learn and adapt.

Above all, we’re looking for a “jack of all (marketing) trades, master of creativity.” This candidate will join a highly motivated team, and we’re looking for someone who can bring ideas and execute on them, rather than wait to be told what to do.

This role requires a high level of creative and strategic thinking, an “I’ll find a way to get it done” attitude, and personal initiative.

What will a normal day look like?

There won’t be one – but that’s half the fun! Do you really want to sit in a cube inserting “Pin A” into “Slot B” for the rest of your life?

Our marketing team is highly collaborative – we each have our area of “ownership,” but in keeping with that old “two heads” cliché, we’ll also look to add your creativity and strategic vision to our own collective to help in other related areas. Resistance is futile.

What’s the office like?

We’re headquartered in Southlake, Texas just off Kimball avenue. The office is open concept, so if you prefer hiding behind cube walls and avoiding human interaction, don’t apply. Essentially, think ping-pong and standing desks, not gray cube walls and horrible neckties. Also, sometimes Roger jams on his guitar, but that’s what headphones were invented for.

What will I be directly responsible for?

Your primary focus will be to bring new ideas to the table (and then execute them) to aid the marketing department in its three major initiatives:

  • Growing our membership
  • Constantly improving customer loyalty and recency
  • Driving transactions

What skills should I bring to the table?

  • Excellent communicator and creative thinker, with an ability to use both data and intuition to inform decisions
  • You must have moderate to expert proficiency with HTML and CSS
  • Bonus skills: Adobe Creative Suite
  • A dual-minded approach: You’re a highly creative thinker, but can also be process-driven, think scale, and rely on data to make informed decisions.
  • Ability to dive in head first, make mistakes, learn from them, and forge your path. This is a collaborative team and we’re all here to help each other, but nobody here has time for hand-holding.

What experience should I bring to the table?

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, or commensurate experience
  • Previous experience creating and executing strategies which achieve tangible, measurable results
  • 3-5 years minimum experience in marketing or a related position at an agency or internal marcom department
  • Previous experience in the airline industry is an enormous plus. Previous travel industry experience is also a plus.

Who are we?

One of the biggest perks of working for an airline is the ability to fly anywhere in the world for peanuts. The problem? Grabbing a seat on a flight was a laborious, costly, and confusing manual process for both the airline employee and the airline itself. Then we came along.

Our state-of-the-art online platform allows airline employees to check availability in real-time and book their flight, 100% online. No more manual processes, no more “pen and paper” tickets, and no more getting to the airport only to find out that there isn’t any room on the flight for you.

Another big perk for airline employees? Hotels and cruise lines love them. They love them so much that they’ll gladly give them rates that are at least 20% lower than anything you’ll find anywhere else, period – and airline employees can book these hotels and cruises directly though our online platform.

Essentially, think of us as a private, members-only Expedia just for airline employees. Except our rates are better. Like, way better.

Sounds great! How can I apply?

Qualified applicants should send a personal introduction, resume, and salary requirements to carter.schimpff (at) Stay away from “attached are my resume and this cover letter template I downloaded from Google” – creativity and out of the box thinking will be rewarded.