Why PAX Are #TheWorst

Why PAX Are #TheWorst

Have you had some pretty lousy passengers? Ever been restocking the plane and witnessed the end of a poor crew’s crazy PAX ordeal? Do you absolutely hate those people who pack over-sized, over-weight items? Have you been the victim of a few nutters bad day at the check-in desk? Well we want to hear it!

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New #NonRevLife T-Shirts – Vote For Your Favorites!

Reverse side for each t-shirt

For years now, the ID90 Travel #NonRevLife and #AvGeek t-shirts have been one of the best worst-kept-secrets in the Airline Industry.

Our last batch of the “old school” #NonRevLife t-shirts has finally been exhausted – which means it’s time to make new ones – and we want you to tell us exactly what you’d love to wear. Vote for your favorite designs below.

Bonus: Tweet your favorite design to @id90travel for a chance to receive a limited-edition #NonRevLife t-shirt nobody else can get!