If you’ve been on any of our social media accounts recently you may have come across the #itshappening hashtag, and wondered what indeed was happening. Well, we’re here today to announce that our new mobile app (available on both iOS and Android) is what’s up, and that it’s officially out now!

That’s right, we’ve completely redesigned the already beloved original to create a mobile app that’s better, faster, smarter and stronger. It’s been the apple of our eye, and we cannot wait any longer to share it with all of you.

Read on to discover what makes our mobile app so incredibly groundbreaking for the avid airline employee traveler. We promise, before the end of this blog you’ll be leaving it to immediately download this new tech (which we highly encourage, if you haven’t already!).

Why Build a New App?

Before we get into all the awesome new features of our app, we first wanted to walk you through the reasoning behind our update.

Over the past two years, we noticed a shift in our customer’s preferred devices. For example, with the introduction of our first app, we saw an immediate explosion in mobile traffic. This let us know that we had to do more.

So our team went back to the drawing board. We sifted through tons of behavioral data to understand what’s most important to our customers and made it a priority to focus on things like creating seamless navigation.

new mobile app

After the new version was created we hit the road to meet with customers so that we could observe their reactions to the new mobile app. Through these interactions we learned a lot, and made sure to take all that we were learning and put it into action in our development.

What you have is the finished project of all of that research, planning and data collecting. This new app will feel more like your traditional iOS and Android app, only with significant speed and performance improvements–not to mention some of that unmatched ID90 Travel flair.

ID90 Travel on the Go

Alright, now that you understand our motives we’re pleased and incredibly excited to walk you through the new features.

Search any new destination you hope to explore with our new ID90 Travel app (again, for both Android and iOS). It’s an intuitive travel experience with powerful interline flight tools for airline employees.

In other words, our mobile app places booking your next adventure at your fingertips.

Rich Flight Data for Easy Booking

Our primary focus here at ID90 Travel is to offer airlines the most modern and efficient interline ticketing solution on the market. What does that look like? Keep reading…

Improved Ticketing Flow

You can now choose your destination, dates and passengers, then filter through the flights with seamless navigation. Hello booking with ease!

Improved Flight Loads

Simply select a flight you’re interested in and we’ll display the loads. If it’s an interline flight, we’ll give a percentage. Otherwise, you’ll see the actual seats available.

new mobile app


Need to know how much time you have to grab a burger between flights? Now you can by viewing the layover time for each leg on our app.

Total Stops

We’re looking to be transparent with you and make your life easier. That’s why now you can find out how many stops your flight has before tapping into its details.

Rediscover the Best Way to Travel Anywhere

That’s right, we’re confident to make that boast! Then again, it may be because we’ve completely redesigned the way you discover and retrieve travel content. Quickly find what’s most important to you on the bottom of every main screen: Search, Trips, Watchlist and Profile–it’s all there!


Now looking things up is easier than ever. We’ve simplified your search by dedicating an entire screen to it! That means both flight loads and insane deals on hotels, cars and cruises are just one tap away. No need to get lost in a world of tabs.


Hate having to do a deep search for your trip details? We do too, that’s why we put them all in one easy-to-locate spot. That’s right, find your confirmation numbers, hotel itinerary details and car reservations all in one screenshot-able location.

new mobile app


Our goal is to help you make your flight and get the best deals on hotels; that’s why we created the Watchlist. Monitor changing flight loads and hotel prices all on one screen to help you make your move when the time is right.


Here you can access your travel history, help resources and support. Go into your settings to change your language, currency, notification and Watchlist preferences. Everything is right there for you.


Find Your Next Hotel in a Snap!

New Look and Feel

Search hotels and find the really important information quicker with our new design. Proceed through checkout with a mere couple of taps.

Improved Map View

Find the perfect hotel using our map view. No longer will you have to sort through a cluster of unmarked pins. Instead you’ll see prices to help you easily navigate to the hotels priced perfectly for your budget.

new mobile app

Faster Filters

Not only is the app much faster, it now offers more filter options. Narrow your results with any combination of price, rating, neighborhood, property type or amenities.

Focused Checkout

Purchasing a hotel room can be complex sometimes. Our new design allows you to book without having to go through those ten different screens. Complete your guest information and payment details, then book with confidence.

Better, Faster, Stronger, Smarter

And finally? Our new app was designed with the latest technology, making it much faster and easier to use than our older version. Shop and review content swiftly throughout the app. No more full-page reloads. No more waiting.

 ? ? ?

The only question left to answer is why you haven’t downloaded our app yet? It’s going to change your non-rev travel life, so get to it! In the meantime if you have any additional comments, questions or compliments we’d love to hear them. Let us know in the section below. Until next time Interliners, safe travels and keep your eyes on the skies!

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Author: Emily (@ID90 Travel)

Emily is the Content Marketing Manager here at ID90 Travel. An avid non-rev flyer (she grew up in the industry), and passionate private pilot, Emily can’t get enough of all things aviation. When not writing awesome ID90 Travel content she can be found on a Texas patio, being one with nature, or annoying her ID90T co-workers with her many, many, crowdsourcing questions.