This month, we focused on features that would help members find the best interline deals. Between improving our filters and shopping for the best rates, we’ve made it our mission to ensure you don’t miss out on a great deal. In addition, we’ve added a new feature that will show you how much you’ve saved booking hotels with us when compared to other travel sites.

We’re dedicated to enriching the shopping and booking experience for airline employees. We understand the importance of being able to book on the go, so we’re happy to announce several new features you’ll find on mobile. These features, similar to desktop, aim to make your life easier when booking flights, hotels or cars.

New Roaring Fast Engine

Our top priority is to make the user experience as easy and fast as possible. That’s why we are proud to announce a new version of our flights engine is now available to all users. This new version will dramatically improve page load times when searching for flights. You may view an example of our load times with the following links and benchmarks below.

Flight from DEN to LAS with 1 passenger

You’ll now see a 26% Improvement in pageload speed.

Find Hotels In The Area You’re Flying To

Making it easier to find relevant travel deals in the area you’re flying to and from is very important to us and our members. This is why we’re happy to introduce a new feature that will recommend the best hotels in the area you’re flying to! Simply book your one-way or round-trip and we’ll show you the top hotels in the area you’re traveling to.

interline mobile-hotel-savings

Mobile Amenity Filers

Now you can easily filter hotels by amenities on your mobile device. Simply click the Filter/Sort tab on the upper right of your hotel search results page and select the amenities most important to you.

Our most used Free Airport Shuttle, Breakfast and Pool.


Who Doesn’t Love Hotel Savings?

We believe we’re the best place in the world for airline employees to book exclusive interline hotel deals. So what did we do? We built a new feature that will show you how much you’ve saved on all your hotels. Upon logging in, you may have noticed a dollar amount show up on your screen. This is your total hotel savings when booking with us! This number represents the total amount you saved booking with us compared to booking with other websites like Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, etc.

interline mobile-hotel-savings

Improved Hotel Dropdown Filters

We learned our dropdown filters were pretty clunky on desktop when there were multiple neighborhoods—sometimes the list was so long, you wouldn’t see the update button! So our team of design ninjas took a look at it and improved it so you can easily filter neighborhoods and amenities without any issues.


The Best Car Rates

Want to easily find the best car rates for each car type? Sure. We’ve added a new column titled Best Price that pulls in the best available rate, regardless of brand, to the left for easy navigation. You’ll quickly find the best available price for an economy, standard or luxury cars in seconds. Talk about a time saver.

Best Car Price

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Author: Roger Ximenez

Roger Ximenez is the Director of Product at ID90 Travel. He has over 5+ years experience working alongside engineering teams to build the next generation of features. He is also the data and automation evangelist, promoting the use of data to streamline automation strategies.