We know, we know. You don’t need anyone other than us, because (let’s face it) we’re the only true one-stop-shop for all things airline employee travel related! That being said, we did want to let y’all in on some cool airline employee bloggers you may not know about. These people are bloggers even we follow, and are some savvy peeps you should follow too. Keep reading to discover the next writers you’ll be bookmarking on your browser.

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Terminal Tales

To start this blog off we want to introduce you to one of our favorite bloggers and brand ambassadors! Her name is Megan Elizabeth and she’s the writer behind The Terminal Tales – a weekly blog series where she highlights her favorite personal encounters with passengers while fulfilling her job duties as a Ticketing & Gate Agent. Megan tells it like it is, and throws in a lot of fun humor along the way. Check out her blog, website, or Instagram. They’re completely full of her unique voice, as well as her incredible photography! Want to grow your wanderlust? Then she’s the person you need to follow.

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Zachary Leo

We recently stumbled across Zachary Leo’s blog, and we’re already in love. This bold dude dropped out of school, quit his job, and moved across the country to start a new life as a cabin crew member. A talented new writer, Zachary discusses it all – from travel tips, to finding happiness, to life as a flight attendant. He’s definitely not one to shy away from sensitive topics (he keeps it real!), which makes him one of our favorite FA’s to get the insider scoop from. Check him out on Instagram, Twitter, or his site. We promise you won’t be sorry.

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Cleared List

Josh at Cleared List is a good friend of ours, but that’s not the only reason you should check out his blog! He’s got a lot of great information on there for non-revvers looking to grow in their travels. Cleared List is full of destination guides, travel tips, and industry news articles. If you’re not ready to start non-revving like a mad person he’s got tips for beginners as well. Check him out on Instagram or his site. He (like many of the airline employees we’ll mention) has some great photography skills! So make sure to check his photos out too.

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Jetlagged Comic

Sure, you’ve already seen her comics, but have you ever checked out her blog? If not, you should! Like, now. It’s just, if not more, hilarious than her comic, and stock-full of plenty Kelly Kincaid sass. If you ever need someone to relate to, or speak your language after a long day at the airport, then Kelly’s blog is the place to go. See poor Wanda losing her mind, or get a little insight into Kelly’s creative process. It’s all there and a bag of chips. Of course Kelly, too, has a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (besides her site), so you can find her there as well.

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The Flight Attendant Life

If you haven’t run across Kara at The Flight Attendant Life yet then you might be living under a rock. This girl’s everywhere, and it’s no surprise because she delivers some excellent content. Available on her site, YouTube, Instagram (just to name a few!) Kara discusses airline industry life and all it entails. She’s got tips on everything from packing for work to relationships on the road. Check her out if you want some serious lifestyle inspiration, you won’t be sorry!

Are there any bloggers you would add to this list? We’d love to know, so please go ahead and comment below. We hope that you find some inspiration – no matter the kind – in the blogs we mentioned above. Thank you to all the bloggers mentioned for doing what you do! Until next time, safe travels and keep your eyes on the skies!

Author: Emily (@ID90 Travel)

Emily is the Content Marketing Manager here at ID90 Travel. An avid non-rev flyer (she grew up in the industry), and passionate private pilot, Emily can’t get enough of all things aviation. When not writing awesome ID90 Travel content she can be found on a Texas patio, being one with nature, or annoying her ID90T co-workers with her many, many, crowdsourcing questions.