ID90 Travel recently conducted a survey of nearly half a million active airline employees. When asked about the statement “travel privileges are key to my job satisfaction,” a whopping 84% strongly agreed.

Here’s the kicker: in that same survey, only 13% of airline employees reported that they were satisfied with their travel privileges. Now, “satisfied” is a pretty vague word, so we did some more digging… and found three major pain points.
The first major pain point we identified was the user interface. The average consumer traveler is presented with a sleek, fast, flawless experience that has millions of dollars of design, research, and technology behind it.

In sharp contrast, 3 out of every 4 airline employees found their non-rev ticketing UI to be slow, clunky, and confusing in comparison to an average consumer booking experience.
The second major pain point we identified was customer service. More than 80% of airline employees gave the customer service for their travel benefits a big, fat F. Imagine the alarm bells that would go off at your headquarters if your revenue passengers felt the same way.
The final pain point we identified was—not surprisingly—price. Nearly every airline employee we surveyed was disappointed that they had to pony up cash in the form of segment fees in order to actually use their employee benefit.
Put this all together, and it’s not unlike a Rolls Royce dealership giving its employees a company car as a perk.

Except the employees have to pay a small fee every time they drive it.

And if they have a problem with it, nobody will help them.

And the car isn’t a Rolls Royce; it’s a 1975 Ford Pinto.

If you wouldn’t do this to your customers, why are you doing this to your employees? If you want to attract and retain good employees, you must treat your employees like you treat your most loyal customers.

You may be thinking, “This all sounds great… but it also sounds tremendously expensive.”

Not so. ID90 has already done the work for you. We provide your employees with a sleek, modern interface, including a best-in-class mobile app; our customer service team has consistently achieved a 90% or better customer satisfaction rating three years running; and— best of all—our services costs peanuts relative to what you and your employees are used to.

As global competition for labor heats up, your employee travel benefits offer you the chance to not only weather the storm, but thrive in it.

Author: Mike Stacy

Mike Stacy proudly serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the multinational airline technology company that is ID90 Travel. After completing graduate school Mike left L.A. and moved to Paris with his now-wife, using their apartment there as a base from which to explore the rest of Europe. Once back, with travel in his blood, he began his long career in the online travel industry. When he’s not filling the pages of his passport for work, Mike can be found on the sidelines at his sons’ basketball games or cheering his daughter on at dance competitions.